India v Australia | 4th ODI

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Gabbar Singh

Test Debutant
Nov 11, 2007
Bailey and Maxwell are setting Australia up for another huge score. Kohli's dropped catch is proving very costly.
Great batting under pressure, great return.

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The Aussie Misbah misses out on 100. Great knock from Bailey, in serious form these days. :misbah
Much needed thread this given the circumstances india find themselves in :p
Hope Faulkner plays again like he did the last time.

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Unbelieveable stuff ! Plenty of overs still left and look how they're just falling apart !
Bailey should be picked for the Ashes.It will be a shame if he misses out.
Indian fielding has been at their worst since 2009 what I can see...haven't seen us fielding so poorly in 4 years
No I.Sharma bowling?

When was this announced?

I'm dissapointed. His pies are delicious :)
this is a very tough target .

2 new balls, fast outfield, ball coming onto the bat, five or more fielders inside the circle at any one time, possibility of dew. This isn't a tough target - in fact it's probably 10 or so runs below par.

If India don't chase this down it won't be because the target was tough, it will be because they batted really poorly.
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