India v West Indies| Group B | WC'11 | Chennai |20/03/11

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Dec 14, 2008
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India won the toss and elected to bat. Sehwag out, Raina and Ashwin in.

For Windies Gayle and Roach out. Seems like we will meet windies in the quarters. I wanted to watch Gayle and Roach today and they are not playing huh.
Whoa! No Gayle. No Roach. And still no Chanders. Edwards gets a chance to showcase what he can do at the top.

We are vsing WI in quarters
Looks like the West Indies also want to face us :))
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wow .. gayle looks like hez been held as a hostage in his team hotel without no channels on his tv.. hez been given internet access only for twitter :))
i like this WI anthem .. if its really their official anthem!
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If West Indies win, they play Australia in the quarter-final. If they lose, they face Pakistan.

If India win, they play Australia in the quarterfinal. If they lose, they play Sri Lanka
The idiot doesn't know how the wicket will behave and he starts with a wild delivery

Come on India!!!

I feel dirty for just saying that.
i hope tendulkar gets out early so that we hear some commentary about cricket!
It seems like both team are trying their level best to lose this match. Epic situation. God Knows who will emerge as a loser :))
The wicket looks like a road. Must be tough for fast bowlers
Tendu walks, yes your heard it right, he walked....
now thats awesome sportsmanship from tendulkar...unlike ponting :14:
Tendulkar going off without umpire giving him out.... Ponting should learn

If i did not had respect for him before now i have.....
He has never walked.

They trying to lose!?
Honestly I don't mind facing England in the next match. They do have a weak bowling line-up now. SL v India would be a good match too.
Wow, Tendulkar walked. The umpire didn't give that out. The replays aren't conclusive to judge that out either.
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Sachin's statement after Indian innings : "I was still only changing out of my sweaty clothes and taking a shower and was shocked to see the whole team back in the dressing room showering too!"
Thats the only one I can remember. Sharjah was it?

Seems like thats the only one you can remember as well.......

Nope, that was in 2002 I believe in India. I remember he walked against Akhtar which was up to a lot of debate? I have seen him walk many a times
Now that was amazing :sachin

:14: :14: :14: :14:

Are you watching Punter?


Tendulkar simply walked knowing that perhaps the faint edge wouldn't be detected on review. Ponting on the other hand stands his ground even after it came cleanly off the bat!

This stadium is really lovely with those open spaces.
Gambhir chuchtey, Benn kou bhi kuch boul na
The pitch has bounce, why is Benn bowling again?
Short deliveries seems to be the perfect thing if you are playing India.
this is the difference between suleiman and rehman ... one flights the ball and invites the batsman ... our bowler pushes it in fast and tries to contain him
this is the difference between suleiman and rehman ... one flights the ball and invites the batsman ... our bowler pushes it in fast and tries to contain him


Benn bowls hit me balls. :razzaq
India should open the bowling with Ashwin. Lets see what he's got!
Why is Dhoni not using the same tactic which he's used earlier successfully?

Meanwhile another :four
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