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Oct 2, 2004
First indoor cricket game after a few months so expect a few abdominal tears, stress fractures etc... :)

Seriously speaking - how many of you play indoor cricket and what rules do you use?
Played for four years in high school with yellow Kookaburra balls, those were good old days.

We didn't have any sixes there would be a line in the gym so if you hit above that it will be out and if you hit below it then it would be four.

Back and side walls were one run - so if it hits the wall and you run thats two runs.

And we didn't have any LBWs (If I remember correctly)

Since I graduated from high school I didn't play any indoor cricket (except indoor nets) nor I intend to at the moment.

What about you guys, same rules?
Salaam. We practice indoors in the winter season, currently istruggling to get an indoor hall as the hall we previously used are not willing to let us practice there this winter because some other cricket team had played cricket and hall kharaab kar diya, according to them... :(
I played it for the first time the other week, can't say I enjoyed it.

The necessity to score quickly negates all the time I spend focusing on playing myself in, plus diving around indoors causes havoc for my knees.
Ok 15 runs and then run out in 12overs match - and then no wickets for 30 :(
Living in Canada, I've played quite a bit of indoor/gym cricket, you have to in the winter!

It's not my game exactly, I like batting long but it was good fun nonetheless.
Have an intra college tournament coming up in a month. 6 a side and we play in the basket ball court. College doesn't have a proper cricket field we can use :facepalm. The rules are the same as Cover Drive has mentioned, but there are straight sixes [we have fencing around the BB court]. If the ball goes out of the court, the batsman is given out.
There are a handful of cricket crazed students at my university that get together every Friday/Saturday night to play cricket. Most of them are sri-lankan (I'm the only pakistani).

During the winter we cant play outside because of below freezing temperatures so we use a old hockey arena that had turf laid down. It's a lot more challenging than playing outdoors; all the big hitters have to actually try and get singles instead of trying to hit every ball for a six as they usually do outdoors.

Needless to say it's one of the few things to look forward to on the weekends as our school is in a very remote area and people consider getting drunk the only 'fun' activity. For Muslim students its the perfect distraction from schoolwork.
ive played it several times

last year we had an epic india vs pakistan matcch..

we won by 6 wickets :D

i took 3 wickets. 2 in one over :D
I have entered a Pakpassion team in the indoor league at canary wharf (UK).

In the winter season (Jan to March 2011) we reached the semi's and had a good squad.

However, this season (Sept to Dec 2011) we have had huge availability problems and are 7th out of 10. We are also playing in the top league which has 2 national teams (with a number of England players). It has been a real hassle organising this season, so not going to bother again.