Islamabad Leopards v Sialkot Stallions | Grp A | FB Super8 T20 | Faisalabad |29/6/11

Kaun Jeetega?

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Exciting finish, Sialkot still just about favourites imo.
The twins choked. :(

No matter. :rr will avenge this loss.
i told you ali khan is a top notch hitter(look at the Pick 5 uncapped players from the Faysal Bank T20 Cup that you think deserve a chance thread)
Islamabad learned today what soo other will learn too: Stallions are the end station.
As emclub said.

Kitnay Malik out karogay, har ghar sy Malik niklayga.
Shoaib bhai innings dugout mey beyth ke naheen build hoti!
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