Karachi Dolphins v Rawalpindi Rams | Gaddafi Stadium | 2/12/12 | Day 2

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Should be an interesting match, though i think Rawalpindi won't perform at all.
Awaiz Zia is entertaining ...... While Anwar Ali looks like an absolute beast

Never realised AA had bulked up so much
Extremely quick delivery by Sami. Not a confident shot again. Edged againn!
Again backs away and tries to slog but completely misses it. Horrible from Naveed :facepalm:
Nicely played by Malik this time but no run, straight to the fielder. RR of 5.65
So far, both openers playing like tailenders, just trying to slog. Need to calm down and play the ball on it's merit
Anwar Ali still has the swing from U19 days
I'd rather no more 6's be hit now so I donn't see that annoying pop up.
When Sohail khan will learn to ball is it even possible??
Not open for further replies.