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Aug 26, 2009
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My cousins came to America in September, and I asked them to buy a cricket kit for me.

They got me it, and it has everything..The gloves, pads, guard..Bat.

The bat is a Ricky Ponting Kookaburra..

The rest of my cousins are coming in March, Inshallah..

And I wanted to ask them to bring one more bat..and Different Pads

I wanted to ask..Are there Pad sizes? The Pads I have currently, there very wide..If you know what I mean..Whenever I wear them, i can't play my shots properly, and its very difficult to run..

Another thing..
Which bat would a 15 year old enjoy playing with?
A bat, which isn't too expensive, and not to heavy..and Good to play strokes with..
There should be a label near the top hat that says what size the pads are.
as for bat, it will depend on budget. so pls let us know more in order to guide u
As other said please tell us what is your budget, so we can then suggest anything further.

Are they Pakistani pads? The problem with Asian pads I have found is that some of them are very bulky and if you're a new comer then they won't fit you properly.

My suggest would be that if you have someone coming from Pakistan tell them to bring you cheap pads. The reason why I'm saying is that cheaper pads have less foaming/protection so they fit you much better. I still remember the best pad fitting I had was of Gray Nicolls Powerbow 3 Star pads. They are lowest range pads but they had good fitting.

Also I believe you're a new cricketer so in the beginning you do have difficulties adjusting to them. I still remember when I used to play in highschool and my first season I was not able to run in pads at all because they wouldn't fit properly and I would feel awkward in them.

So I would suggest get lower/cheap end pads so as you play just use your current ones or upgrade to better foaming one.

If you have any question please don't hesitate to ask.
Bump..Good thing I didn't waste anyones time...My cousins who moved to USA permanently....Unka Wazan Zaida hogaya tha...But thanks anyways guys :)