Knocking in Issues..!!


Nov 23, 2013
Hello there everyone. In July I bought a Kookaburra Blade 250 :facepalm: cricket bat But having some problems like -

1. I have knocked in many hours but still I don't feel that it's knocked. Can anyone tell if I can knock my bat now (after 4 months of playing).

2. I want to increase the weight of my bat because when I play strokes my bat jerks even if it's a well timed stroke. I think it's because of the light weight of my bat. What should I do to increase the weight??

3. How can I know that my bat is knocked in??

Thanks in Advance.
check the ping with a cricket ball not a ball mallet and if it goes up high or to a good height then your bat is fully knocked.
checked. When the ball hits in the middle it goes very high and when it hits a lil upside then it doesn't go to that height.
if the grains have started to widen or crack a little than it's fully knocked