Lahore Lions v Rawalpindi Rams | Semi-Final 1 | FB Super 8 T20 | Faisalabad | 30/6/11

Kaun Jeetega?

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slashed hard, Awais and the Rams underway with a single.
Guided past slip, expensive first over for Lahore.
Salam peeps

Why on earth does Aamer Sohail have such a manhoos style of voice and commentary?
And Naveed Malik gone. Tried going down the ground, cross-batted it and got plenty of height but not much distance. Taken at mid on. Breakthrough for the Lions.
Goes with the left-arm angle and gets plenty of bat. 6 over the cover boundary
That Zong guy looks like Sanjay Manjrekar no?
Short and slashed over the point fielder for 4
What a shot! Pulled down the ground for four more.

slapped over mid-off, garbage bowling from Aizaz.
Emmad strikes and gets the big fish, good length ball, goes for the big shot, mitimes it and goes high in the air,
I hope Jamal can continue to improve, looks a good keeper and batsman.
Driven for four more. :)))

Lahore getting KILLED..
i hope hammad does the ppl of attock proud.he is the first guy to represent pakistan from our area
Off to a flier, even without Naved. Lahore feeling the heat.
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