Leg glance


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Dec 4, 2010

I am a defensive opener and often get balls going down leg or pitching on leg/middle stump, I am trying to glance these behind square but i always miss it and it hits my pad (not getting lbw though) just wondering if any of you have tips and drills for the leg glance front foot and back foot any help would be much appreciated.
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Watch this and I hope it helps...[utube]ho08pqVrTOc[/utube] :)
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Thanks for that but I want to flick/glance it behind square on front and back foot
by leg glance i mean backfoot deflection pushing ball behind square leg
yes backfoot deflection toward fine leg or either side of him for a quick single or 2 any tips?
maybe stand on middle stump? at least you will get it on the bat then.