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Apr 16, 2006
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PP will be bringing you the aciton from the ground today, as Friends Life T20 Champtions take on India in a friendly T20 match.

It's a record crowd for the ground, and the Indian fans are out in force.

Hope to see a good game today.
India off to a brisk start today - 23/0 off just 3 overs.
Yes good start by India. Nixon still playing?
Patel has batted well of late.
Nixon playing. Only change from yesterday is Henderson doesn't play.
Why did Leicestershire opt to bowl first? Clouds around?
poor patel has to bat all by himself :( lol cricinfo

acha, this game is not being televised? istrange...
50/0. after 5 overs. Great start.
Great catch by Naik had to reach over his head.
Razzaq gets smashed through cover boundary.
Dravid drives beautifully, if slightly uppishly, for 4. Good shot.
What a Power Play!

The battle between Abdul Razzaq and Aaron Varun should be good.
btw, I am at work now, is this match being telvised? Or any radio commentary available? Thanks.
btw, I am at work now, is this match being telvised? Or any radio commentary available? Thanks.
Maybe on BBC Radio Leicester.

Google it - not sure if you can get it outside the UK though.

No TV coverage.
Good stuff from Parthiv so far, continuing his good from WI series. Must be making Dhoni nervous :D
Damn wish this was televised. Jefferson, Razzaq against Indian pacers would've been fun to watch.
Razzaq and Dravid just had a long chat whilst the next Indian batsman came to the wicket.

Old friends :)
:)) Its always handy having what?? Just what was the radio commie saying?
A certain 'Faheem' suggesting that Tendulkar should have played this game in order to get his 100th century.
Kohli is back in the form!! Oh wait he was never out of form in Shorter format. Kid needs to have longer run in tests.
That pic is too big. Will get rid in a minute and post later.
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