Lowkey aka Kareem Dennis - British musician/Political Activist


Sep 5, 2010
Lowkey (born Kareem Dennis, 23 May 1986) is a British musician, poet, playwright and political activist of English and Iraqi descent. He first came to fame through a series of mixtapes he released before he was 18, before taking a hiatus from the music business. He would return in 2008 with wider music coverage, featured on BBC Radio and appearing at various festivals and concerts including the Electric Proms, Glastonbury, T In The Park and Oxygen in the build up to his first solo album, as well as collaborating with other famous British musicians to form a supergroup.

In February 2009, he travelled to Palestine and Palestinian refugee camps around the West Bank area to perform fundraising shows to help rebuild the Gaza Strip but was detained by the Israel Police for nine hours at Ben Gurion International Airport and interrogated. Later in 2009, he travelled with M-1 of Dead Prez to carry out a humanitarian aid mission and bring medical aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Lowkey - Defend the Muslim Community
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Long Live Palestine by Lowkey
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Yeah big tingz from lowkey, voicing the message of the oppressed through the medium of artful poetry. Mad respect
Oh, no nothing like that. But thats where I got the Lowkey in my name from :p
right.. I thought you were about to reveal.....tataaaaa-a-a-a-a-a... "I AM LOWKEY!"

cool, a fan then, and inspiration for your username... cool.. ;-)

He's actually a facebook link of mine, but think that might be his marketing campaign reaching out for fans.
His fanpage? I'm pretty sure he updates it himself, it sounds a lot like him and not some promoter. Cool guy though.
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Intelligent, Socially Conscience, Brilliant rapper

this guy is so so good

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Coming to the conclusion it's a masterpiece

Frankie Boyle
Maverick Sabre
Ken Loach and of course Lowkey himself