Malik limited edition, where to buy online? where to buy from Karachi?


Jun 3, 2009
Hi guys,

I am looking to buy a Malik limited edition. I was wondering if people had a website to suggest that offered nice service (send pictures, take into account specifications...).
Also, if people knew of reliable shops to buy from Karachi. I live in canada, but I am going to Karachi end of august, so if the price difference is justified, I might aswell wait and get my bat from there.


Have you heard of cricket store Canada? Their prices are very reasonable! Don't know about MB LE but they are selling ASV12 for 175$ and its price from AS factory is 14000PKR so you can do the math!
What's your email address? I know some people who can give you a decent bat from Karachi.
try bro, he always gives an extra Puma grip and a scuff sheet for free
Thanks Thivakar.
Also Jazbati, Why dont you put details of shops here, so that other could benefint from it too.