Mids X power Bat


Tape Ball Regular
Feb 3, 2012

Lovely balance
Nice clean willow
38mm edges
Thin handle
Pings phenomenal...
Got it for $200...

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The grains are not that nice and X-Power normally has a thick handle
Zaidi sports service is rubish.... His son dont know how to deal with customers...

There is another shop near by called MONTY Sports. There bats were very famous but than he started to take huge prices. Thats why i have decided now i will buy custom made bat from uk.

Only place i got good service and felt like welcomed was MB factory.

lahore chauburji.... sharjah sports.... zaidi sports.... many others stock them!
NICE Bat man, always wanted a MIDS but couldn't get my hand's on one, the way they have crafted yours looks a beauty. How does it compare with other bats uv used ?
Its a very good bat.. Considerig its reasonable price i would rate it above all my bats!

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hey sarmad, i am kind of tied between three bats, AS V-12, Malik Bubber Sher and Mids X power bat, i bat number three, which bat would you recommended
mids x power is better than the other 2 bats... but mb b.sher is a good bat too.... mb bats are softly pressed as compared to mids bats.... so mids bats will last longer while mb bats would open up quickly as compared to mids.....