My Gunn & Moore+ Icon DXM 808


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Sep 18, 2009






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Yeah the grains are pretty nice but the shape is really really big massive spine for 2.9(special bat very rare for a GM+ bat to be under 2.12). Pick up is unbelievable it feels like 2.7 to me
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wow really? 2.9? thats amazing, your VERY lucky, Anything under 2.12 for a plus bat I dont care what it costs, I would buy it.
wow really? 2.9? thats amazing, your VERY lucky, Anything under 2.12 for a plus bat I dont care what it costs, I would buy it.
yup it had 2.9 sticker on the bat and I weighed itaswell it was 2.9. I got another grip fitted free by Mapperley sports and that has made the pick up unbelievably good.
When you look at the bat it looks huge like a 2.14 bat but when you pick it up and it really feels like a feather.:umarakmal
Amazing bat bro, lovely stick! Extremely big for its weight! I hope it goes really well for you and you score tons of runs with it!

Lovely it looks amazing!
KR.............Does mapperly have light flare plus bats? Do you think the flare plus bats or the icon plus bats pickup lighter?
Damn Maj, you picked up a beauty!

I have no idea how the profile is so big for the weight, but it's definitely bigger than my standard Icon which is 2.10!
Do you recommend the icon?

Yes, I do recommend the Icon but at the end of the day it's a matter of personal choice. I know you mentioned that you've held the Icon and the Flare and those are the bats you're looking at; if that is indeed the case, only you can decide which bat works for you.
thanks man.............Ya but they both feel the EXACT same to me lol. SO I need other peoples opinion :)

If they feel exactly the same then get the Icon, it has a bigger sweetspot. If that doesn't matter than get the one that looks more appealing to you.
KnightRider: Amazing bat. really BIG for 2.9 weight. Is 808 grade 1 willow? grains are too good. Looks like you visit Mapperely sports pretty often, I see some beauties in your collection. Is it okay in this forum, if we ask from some forum members to buy bats from shops and send it overseas? Poor us, we don't have any shops here
CD: Good luck with your exams. study well and don't forget the mantra : Rest is best before the test.
808s are grade 2, but non-oval handle aside, you can get some rate belters up there with Originals and whatnot.
Great bat KR bhai!

Just had a question about that strip of heart wood going down the side, how come it just fades away when it gets to the toe?

I used this bat on saturday morning indoor net practice and it plays really well. I noticed this bat (2011 GM's) have better quality handle and it has rubber/cork mixed like Pakistani bat handles.
I'm not saying the handles were poor before. I've had mid range and top end GM bats which have had slight vibration sometimes frm mistimed shots and these 2011 improved GM bat handles have no such issues.
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That is true, I do still get the odd rattling through my skeleton when I miscue a shot.
used the bat again today and its a real belter, makes such great sound and ping is just awesome. Willow quality, grains everything are of much higher grade bat but I think its downgraded bcoz of 2 minor blemishes on back of the bat.


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Came across a beauty of a GM+ Icon 909 at the St Lawrence Ground, face wasn't something to write home about but for such a big bat it picked up light but came down through a driving motion like my own bat.
Yes it was/started as my number 1 bat last season. I used it in my 1st match but didnt get off the mark, it wasnt the bats fault I got out for 0. I switched to Matrrixx LE which was amazing it had effortless power, batting with Matrrixx was so easy n I was getting runs with just defensive shots. I borrowed the GM to other people few times and they said it was amazing, whole bat face was like a sweetspot and then towards the end of the season I gave away the GM bat & kit as part of a deal with a team mate.
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Ah that sucks so you no longer have this GM?! :O

Yaar it was a special bat I remember when you got it me and my friend asked Micheal so many times if he can get another one which will be as big as this one in low weight he went to GM factory but couldn't get it.
Hello Danish, welcome to PakPassion. I am sure someone will be able to help you out with that. Feel free to look around and post as you please. Enjoy :)
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