My new custom SS bat


Sep 5, 2012
Hi All

I am new to these forums and wanted to share my new stick with you.

I got it from Asad at Uzi Sports here in Swindon - UK, awesome store, check it out if you can.

The ping on it is awesome, I stroked some pretty boundaries yesterday in our league match that flew to the boundary with little effort.

It has LE stickers but was custom-made.

What do you think?:D



doubt it was made to order, probably "selected" to order.

enjoy your bat, more info on the specs
Thanks for the feedback, yup it's a cracker!

@ammo & @bigfan - it was custom ordered by Asad at Uzisports for some pro players. This one was left over from the batch and I was lucky enough to get it. Not sure what the specs were, you will have to pm him to find out. It was probably "awesome stroker" :)))

@zaid135 - yup its a really nice bag, GN players bag, I thoroughly recommend it:
@cricketismylife, hi there - sorry this week is quite busy and I wont have a chance until the weekend.

Just google it there are tons of photos online and click on the link I posted?