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Abdul Q

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Jul 6, 2013
Hello & Welcome everyone to the 11th game of Ramadhan T20 Cup between NBP and Port Qasim.

- Abdul Qadir will be reporting live here from National Stadium Karachi.

Tonight is the first game of Group B. NBP taking on Port Qasim in the opening encounter of the 2nd group.

NBP looks stronger side on the paper but you never know what happens on the given day, especially in T20’s.

Known stars for NBP will be:
Kamran Akmal(wk), Hammad Azam, Raza Hasan, Fawad Alam, Aqeel Anjum, Sami Aslam, Zia ul Haq & Usman Qadir.

Port Qasim looks like a 2nd version of Karachi Dolphins, key stars for them are:
Mohammad Sami, Khurram Manzoor, Khalid Latif, Shahzaib Hasan, Azam Hussain, Abdur Rauf, Kamran Younis, Mohammad Talha & Mohammad Salman(wk).

NBP have a good batting line-up while Port Qasim holds upper hand with their pace bowling.

Will be close contest tonight I think…

Simpe catch to the cover fielder, Bilal Munir departs for 0.

NBP 1/1, 0.4 overs
coming down the wicket and flicking it away to fine leg area..fielder was inside the ring and so it goes for another 4.
agressive cover slog by Sami Aslam, scored his first boundary, 4 runs.
short one by Talha, Aslam pulls it...got a top edge..in the hands of Talha..oh he jumbles it...but safely taking it...Aslam goes for 8

NBP 18/2
Smashing cover slog...another 4!

You shouldn't be missing his batting today!

he's in sheer touch today.
NBP 37/2, 5 overs.

It's drizzling here in Karachi, hope it doesn't affect a match.
No Ball, FREE HIT!

Akmal will face, crowd is awesome today, they are chanting for Free Hit.
Akmal smashes away to deep mid off...fielder there..oh the ball slipped and gone for four...sloppy fielding.
Slashes through covers...another dropped catch...Akmal is lucky today!

that's what we say a prefect square drive...beats 3 fielders, gem of a shot by Aqeel Anjum.
Stil the showers on...????? Man today was an interesting match btw 2 good sides... these many days we had poor cricketing Teams and non exciting games..:(
played a slog cover sweep and caught on long on!

Akmal goes for 47, Well Played!!!
wrist away over the head of deep cover fielder, it's four all the way.

good shot by Umar Waheed
backfoot cut, silly point fielder chasing it, but it's another 4 for Waheed.
another 4, Umar Waheed playing very confidently.

NBP 104/3 after 15 overs
Another elegant square drive by Aqeel Anjum, this left hander looks very talented and playing very responsibly which is rarely seen by a Pakistani batsman.
short pitch...batsman misses it...oh wait...Anjum running...Waheed stayed in his crease and so it's a poor run out...Aqeel Anjum gone.

NBP 112/4
114/4, 16 overs

Everyone will be waiting for Hammad Azam's hard hitting in death overs.
114/4, 16 overs

Everyone will be waiting for Hammad Azam's hard hitting in death overs.
poor shot by Waheed, threw his wicket away.

very irresponsible, had to play and support Hammad Azam to ensure big total.

NBP 117/5
Usman Qadir joining Hammad Azam there, two young lads and probably a future of our national team, both are batting there.
NBP 120/5, 17 overs

3 overs to go!

Hammad is there, 30 in 3 overs is possible.
11 coming off the last over

NBP 131/5 after 18 overs

Hammad Azam can post the score to 150+
huge one by Usman Qadir...in the air!!! long chase for the long on fielder...aand fourr....what a shot!!!

7 runs so far in this over, last ball to go and Hammad Azam on the strike.

Raza Hasan is the new man.
Azam...hit straight..in the ring...mid off fielder will take it...nooo...it was a little far...Hammad got 2.

NBP 140/2

last over to go...
Smashed it...agressive pull and Hammad hits for 4, no fielder there.

NBP 145

4 balls to go.
full toss...played straight...coming for another run...and it's a run out...Raza want to gave strike to Hammad...so not a big loss for NBP

Hammad on 25*
Run out given...and decision is reviewing again????

What's happening with our umpiring this season?
Bowler hit his hands on wickets, Not Out given after giving Out before. :D
tried to paddle sweep...BOWLED..leg stump uprooted.

Raza gone, last ball to go...

Hammad Azam is on non-strikers end.
hit through deep covers...Kamran Younis saved a boundary...just 2 runs.

so NBP scored exactly 150...what i predicted :D

so the target is 151 for PQA
Innings Break:

NBP 150/7 (20 overs)

Kamran Akmal 47 Aqeel Anjum 32

Shahzaib Ahmad 2/28 Abdur Rauf 1/22

Target: 151 (20 overs)
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