On This Day October 27, 1969: Hanif Mohammad played his last Test


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Oct 3, 2009
On This Day: October 27, 1969 - Hanif Mohammad played his last Test match


The True Little Master "Hanif Mohammad"​

Some Selected Lines About Hanif Mohammad:

Cometh the crisis to end all crises, cometh Hanif Mohammad. He scored 337 in an occupation of 16 hours 39 minutes. It was the longest innings ever known. The Test was drawn and Hanif, for his pains, had three layers of skin burned away beneath his eyes by the harsh glare reflected from the pitch.

Having thus erased Sir Leonard Hutton's name from the record book on one score he soon turned his attention to another knight and another long-held record: Sir Donald Bradman's 452 not out, established 30 years earlier. In a Trophy match against Bahawalpur in Karachi, the year after his Barbados innings, he smashed that, too, by scoring 499 in just short of 11 hours before running himself out trying to get the strike in the final over of the day.

Few major innings since the war have provoked such contradictory critical appraisal as that played by Pakistan's captain in the Lord's Test of 1967. It began at 4.40 p.m. on Friday, July 27, and ended only when he ran out of partners at 3.24 p.m. the following Monday.

His actual entrenchment at the crease, after deductions for rain, meals, sleep and an interminable English Sabbath, lasted nine hours two minutes and his eventual score was 187 not out.

Wisden About Hanifs Patient Heroics against England at Lords
Match Score Card

Hanif was the first star of Pakistan cricket, the "Little Master" who played the longest innings in Test history - his 970-minute 337 against West Indies in Bridgetown in 1957-58 - then followed it a year later with the highest first-class innings to that point, 499 run out. With such feats, broadcast on radio, he turned cricket in Pakistan from the preserve of the Lahore educated elite into the mass sport it is today. Although famous for his immaculate defence and never hitting the ball in the air, Hanif could also attack, and was probably the originator of the reverse-sweep. His versatility extended to captaining and keeping wicket, and bowling right- and left-handed in Test cricket. But in addition to being the jack of all trades, he was the master of one.
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Career Stats:

Last Test Scorecard:

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And a fine family of cricketers who have served Pakistan with honour.
On this day, Hanif Mohammad played his last ever Test match for Pakistan. Interestingly enough, it was the same match in which his younger brother Sadiq Mohammad made his debut.

Hanif Mohammad represented Pakistan in 55 Tests in a career that spanned a total of 17 years. Known as the 'Little Master', Hanif Mohammad knew how to occupy the crease. In that respect, he also played the longest ever innings which spanned for over 16 hours, scoring his personal-best Test score of 337 vs the West Indies.


Scorecard: http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/63048.html
Was he dropped after this match or did he took an official retirement?
What a talented cricketer he was. Still holds the record for the longest innings in a test match in terms of time.
And a fine family of cricketers who have served Pakistan with honour.

Other member of his family represented Pakistan as well? Never knew that. Anyways, he retired a long time ago. Even before Sunny made his debut.
Pakistan’s greatest ever batsman.

In Asia, he is only behind Gavaskar and Tendulkar in terms of greatness as a test batsman.

He once scored a century with an amputee thumb. He was a courageous guy. A fighter. An absolute wall.

His 364 run knock is arguably the greatest ever show of resistance and resilience.

Most importantly a gem of a man.

We proudly remember you Sir Hanif.