Open letter from Salman Ahmed to all Pakistanis about MQM


Jan 30, 2005
Now everyone is coming out and speaking against these terrorists. All it took was a stand from a brave person. I wonder why nobody condemned them before. Read this letter from Salman Ahmad of Junoon.

Altaf Hussain and his murdering accomplices deserve to be tried for their crimes against Pakistan. I’ve been threatened by them on many occasions in the past 15 years. One particular time was when I refused to perform at Altaf’s marriage function in Karachi and London where all the other artists, including Ali Azmat, were browbeaten to go and perform for his “Majesty’s” pleasure. The man who threatened me was called “Khalid bin Walid” who was a known terrorist and a murderer. He told me that Altaf Hussain, “his Quaid” had especially demanded me to appear with Junoon to perform at their ceremony function.

When I refused to comply he called up my staff and my sound company guy, Ishtiaq Ahmed,and threatened them with dire consequences if I didn’t go. Ishtiaq pleaded with me to go and perform or risk being killed,and all this OVER REFUSING TO PLAY AT A MARRIAGE FUNCTION!

As fate would have it,I’m still alive, but Mr. Walid was killed a few weeks later in a shootout in Karachi with Haqiqi activists.(Those who live by the sword die by the sword).

In 1992,they also threatened to abduct my wife and children if I didn’t show up at an MQM rally and welcome their leader Azim Tariq. I still live happily with respect and dignity but alas Azim Tariq was also was killed in a mob feud. My friends, Junaid Jamshed and Sajid Hassan worried for my safety told me that I’m putting my family at risk every time I refuse to obey these goons and on every occasion I told him that if I give into their terror tactics I can not call myself a Muslim.

Allah is our protector and He has commanded us to stand up against injustice and that is why I applaud Imran Khan for speaking the truth about Altaf Hussain and his goon squad. I think the time has come for all Pakistanis to stand up and be counted. Do you want to live as a citizen of a country with dignity and all your rights protected or as a slave in someone’s fiefdom?

“Baad-e-mukhalif sey na ghabra aye uqaab
yeh to chalti hai terey oonchi uraan kay liye” -Iqbal

(Don’t be afraid of flying against the wind, oh Falcon,
this wind only blows to help you fly higher)

Allah hu Akbar!

Salman Ahmad
Well done Salman Ahmad, looks like more and more people are standing up against the terrorist now.
good move by salman. imran needs people to support him in his cause. inshAllah the good will destroy the evil.
we're lambasting mqm on one side, yet running ads of john mcain on the top...wah bhai wah...
perfect, everyone needs to show what they think of MQM and the establishment. well done
i hope others come forward too but its not as if mqm's dealings are hidden from any one
I have recently met with some MQM officials (don't ask how and why) and they are truly sh1tting themselves from Imran. He must have something concrete which they know about.
yaar wazeeri seriously?? you met some of these low lifes? I think they have really taken a pounding since the 12th and their days are numbered because they cant really get rid of Imran the old fashioned way coz he's too high profile so it looks like checkmate from the Khan!!
A close relative of mine was working in a considerably high position in Karachi till recently until the MQM folks started troubling him to give them the permission to build a banquet hall on state property. He refused and soon someone from higher above asked my relative for his resignation! That's the reward for serving the nation for all his life that my relative (one of the top academics in the country) received in his old age!
well done Salman.

more people need to come forward and expose MQM for the terrorist, fascist scum that they are. disappointing to hear that others like Junaid didn't stand upto them.
Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar said:
well done Salman.

more people need to come forward and expose MQM for the terrorist, fascist scum that they are. disappointing to hear that others like Junaid didn't stand upto them.
They still live in Pakistan and fear for the life of their family and loved ones as compared to Salman who lives in US so it was easy for him to stand up.
junaid jamshed was beaten up by mqm guys when during a function he took off mqm flag at the stage.also there was this guy i cant remember his name,yasir akhtar in our college whos a singer he accidently stepped on the toe of an mqm chief guest during a show and was taken backstage by mqm ghundas and slapped a few times.mqm is evil.but you have to remember that his culture of ghunda gardi in pakistani politics especially in karachi existed at the time of people's party and others too,there are some wadera gropus in karachi one of them is out of business (bugtis) who are just as evil as anyone.
Renowned guitarist Salman Ahmad has been appointed focal person to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on culture.

The Junoon founding member shared the update on his Twitter handle on Tuesday, saying he was "deeply inspired and motivated on receiving this important responsibility".

Ahmad emerged as a staunch supporter of the former premier following the top court's ruling that set aside then National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri’s decision to dismiss the no-trust resolution against the former and the dissolution of the parliament's lower house earlier this year.

In a tweet, the singer had called the decision a “sham, a mockery of justice and a sinister plot to embolden convicted criminals to begin their loot and plunder.”

Interestingly, in 2018, Ahmad had vowed to no longer justify Imran Khan's decisions after the latter welcomed late renowned televangelist Dr Aamir Liaquat to the party’s fold.

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