Pads recommendation!


Apr 9, 2011
Hello guys, I am looking to get some new pads for myself. I am a left hand batsman, quite thin and prefer GM (pads don't have to be GM necessarily). However the main problem for me is that I don't have a lot of money.

Do you guys have any recommendations for cheap pads that give you the best performance for their $$?
I'd recommend SS Matrix. These cost £40 and are top quality and will give the best performance for their $$. Have a look at my SS soft review & SG bat topic.
Bowlers like Wahab Riaz dont play club cricket.
I've had both pads SF powerbow & SS matrix both have excellent padding and more then good enough for highest level club cricket. I think Simmons kept getting injured because he already had a bad knee and not because the pads werent good.
solid advice from knightrider, buying asian pads is a very good idea thay are cheap and they are high quality.
Since budget is restricted I would suggest going for Asian pads as you can get good top ends for low price unlike English where you will get mid-range stuff for same price.

I would also say SS Matrix, top pads they are indeed.