Pakistan v Sri Lanka | Abu Dhabi | 1st Test | Day 5 | 22/10/11

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Just praying that we win... I'm up whole night long. Got a lot of work from college to do so can't sleep tonight... will take short breaks to watch 10-15 mins of match and then back to work... Pakistan definitely need like 2-3 wickets in the morning! We will win InshaAllah..
alrite boys ..its abt 2 am on EST and I have been up to watch the last day of this test match. Hopefully we can grab some quick wickets.
I would have started the morning with Junaid and Gul, really no time for errors, can't let Sanga get settled.
Srilanka needs to bat for another 1.5 session and this match will be a draw.
"Looks like Inzamam has made a come back...."

hahahah hilarious commentary!!! :)))
"The big fellow might be captain....could well be Inzi..."

LOL I'm loving this ahahaha :))):)))
85 overs to go.

We are heading for a draw. need to take two quick wickets.
Ajmal has a bit to prove here, second innings on 4th and 5th day, he only has one wicket and his economy rate isn't low either.
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