Pakistan vs South Africa |1st Test | 15/11/2010 | Day 4 : Session 1

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hur rizvi

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Jul 17, 2009
So guys 36 minutes to go ....

Crucial first session we have to stem the flow of runs and pick up early wickets
We are still in the game....We can chase down something around 350 - 370..:yk wont fall to a mediocre spinner this time around ,:taufeeq looked at absolute ease during his stay and we all know :umarakmal plays well when we are chasing...

BUT for this to happen,bowlers have to step up once again and get rid of Saffers as early as possible..:gul,:ajmal

Kallis and Amla are key here,if we can remove them quickly then this can trigger another collapse...
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Need to take it session by session. As always, how we bowl during the first session will be key.
"Johan bot a has been getting spin and pakistans spinners have not"
I hope were able to draw the match if not win

that would be very difficult we might have to Bat 4 sessions to Draw the match and on average we havent played more than 62 overs/innings this year
180 overs left in the game. With our fairly (below) average batting line up, our best bet at drawing this match is by making SA bat as long as possible. Only way that is happening if we pick up wickets early on and regularly.

South Africa are clear favorites to win this one. Only poor bowling or extraordinary-out-of-this-world batting will result in a famous draw for us.
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here we go...Misbah has gone defensive already, puts a deep point immediately after a 4 is hit...

terrible start this...Ajmal gets smacked for a 6...Kallis made it look easy...effortless shot...
if SA declare now they'd save themselves a lot of trouble. Pakistan can't amass all those runs
:hafeez might have been a better option,he was spinning the ball appreciably yesterday..
There is hardly any pace in the pitch,:kallis had all the time in the world to make late adjustment and guide it towards 3rd man...

Runs are flowing .....

Wat a pathetic spell Ajmal is bowling

His ball is not spinning even slightly
No one know if misbah has a full set of teeth or not? I get the feeling he's missing one in the front.
Lol oh can't believe I missed it. Didn't think he had much to smile about after that hirrible knock of his
Wht the hell these two are doing in the elite panel..

Pathetic umpiring,disgusting!!
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there are 2 things I dont like in the ICC
1. PCB
2. These umpires (Harper and Silva).
another 50 for Amla...:14: and Kallis is looking for yet another half centuries he is genius ...take a bow Kallis ...:14:
We need udrs, maybe jaya butt should eat less and put that money towards the system, two birds one shot. His health will improve andbso will our cricket
they should just declare at 300
sub ka time waste kar rhain hain.
declare now!
our pathetic batting wont even reach 200 anyway
^^His health is diretly related to food...:ibutt

Its the other way around for him...
makes me want to many decisions gone against us in this match...just disgusting...
SA must declare soon if they want to win . We cannot chase more than 260-270 and they do not Pakistan to play slowly and draw this match

Maybe they'll declare after kallis and alma get their centuries
why do we have to get tortured with craptastic Umpires like Doctrove, Harper, and Aschakka???
to draw this Test Pakistan batsman need to play with patience I am asking much ..???

btw first SA need to declare
....if they want to declare just after lunch they will now play with good RR for sure ....time for attack....from both side
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