Pakistan vs South Africa |1st Test | 15/11/2010 | Day 4 : Session 2

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Dec 29, 2008

RSA will be looking to bat themselves to an unbeatable position, don't expect a declaration.
Come on boys, keep the S. Africans to below 550 or we wont be able to chase it :35: :69:
I heard there were a couple of dropped catches? Who was dropped, by whom and when? Wouldn't surprise me if Akmal darmiyana was one of them :13:
Come on boys, keep the S. Africans to below 550 or we wont be able to chase it :35: :69:

:))) Love the sarcasm.

The game was lost as soon as the lead crossed it's just about playing for averages :umarakmal:misbah
Considering we have Taufeeq, Misbah, Azhar Ali, and Younus

who knows, maybe we'll be able to bat out 4.3 sessions
Is there any purpose to bowling Gul like a donkey here ?

Do they want him injured for the second test ?
I think they'll look to bat after tea as well, still going about normal pace. No intent to up the ante

Or may be they are playing for their centuries :23:
100 for Amla. Well done Hashim. :14:
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100 for Kallis too. :14:

265/2, it's been ages since I saw that on a Pakistani scorecard :(
umar gul ko chahye misbah k mu pe 1 chapair maray aur wapis bahir aa jaye.
Well played amla and kallis

Wish we had someone like amla and kallis all we got is jokers like umar akmal he shud go join some circus
Ah, the ever cheerful and supportive Rambo...

'It ain't as bad as it looks, it's worse'...yes Ramiz, we've been saying that about your hair for quite some time now...
Lead goes over 400 ..... :(

Still no signs of declaration whatsoever. I think we'll face 6-7 overs at max today or not even that
SA will declare when lead will be some where between 450 to 475
wake me up when they are done.

Kaha phas gaye hain hum.
5 more runs and Pakistan would have to break a world record to chase it down. I think 420-450 should be safe, while still allowing enough time to bowl Pakistan out.
Yah agree they should go for 600 lol no way pakistan will make 450 they cant even score 250 forget 400+ lets make some records saffers :p
I would say give them 110 overs to bat out. Means the lead will be 450-500. Absolutely no chance that Pakistan could win the game from there, and hardly any chance that they could save it.
No, bat all day and give them 600+ to get.

Go for records when the opportunity is there :batman:

yep...for a record its better but they should have enough time to AO Pak maybe SA have full confidence to take 10 Pakistani wkts in 3 or 4 sessions ...NZ vs Ind is now a draw no hope there....WI playing really well....lets c
Rehman and Ajmal :))

I think Smith is teasing the bowlers and waiting for them to take one of the centurions out to declare...
:))) Gul drops Kallis

:)) epic reaction by the man in the crowd...
Forgive him fellas, he's still suffering from cramps :akhtar
Yk's the vice captain? :))) The world is round indeed
:)) Younis is acting captain at the moment...

Rejoice YK fans! :yk
IF we win this tomorrow the team would have a really good eid

lol ... that is out of question. Lead is already 440+ and we will probably have a target around 500 with little over 3 sessions. No team in the world can chase that.

Its only a matter of survival now!
lead 450, declare kar do Allah ke naam pe....

And they've declared FINALLY
The only way we can save this game is let Kallis get close to his double hundred before tea, like 40-50 runs short, then make him get it till stumps, then try to bat out all sessions tommrow, assign like each pair an hour or two each, like Hafeez and Umar, they need to bat two hours, YK and Azhar 3+, Misbah Umar 7 mins, Adnarn etc...
Time to move on guys. Nothing to see here. Any resemblance that Pakistan may have to a cricket a team is purely coincedental.

Think we will lose by at least 300 runs with Umar hitting a streaky 42, thereby following the lead of the older idiot in the family of 3 idiots and saving his skin.
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