Pakistan vs South Africa | 2nd Test | 20/11/2010 | Abu Dhabi | 2nd Session

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May 25, 2009
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Need to get :kallis

:sami needs to wake up


India 3-2 Pakistan in Hockey in the Asian Games
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Gul 10-3-30-0

Tanvir 7-1-28-3 :14:

Sami 4-0-32-0 :facepalm:

Younis 3-1-11-0

Abdur Rehman 1-0-6-0
India 3-2 Pakistan in the Asian games, add this to the main post OP.

Credits - iHammad :bow:
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More Asian Games stuff: Amandeep Singh bt Pakistan's Mohammad Waseem 11-0 in Boxing
Another 4 to Kallis

He is in some real demolition mode
Spinner to start

Defensive move, should have gone with a quickie, :gul
DeVilliers charging down the track 3 balls in a row
yaar kya flight hai hamare spinner ki. Wonderful loop. Even better dip. and WOW to the turn. maza aagayaaa
End of over 28 (3 runs) South Africa 122/3
AB de Villiers 36* (53b 6x4) Tanvir Ahmed 9-1-36-3
JH Kallis 62* (70b 10x4 2x6) Abdur Rehman 2-1-6-0
surprisingly no indian pair in the top 5 batting averages of batsmen in pairs with minimum of 2000 runs scored...

Pakistan has 2 pairs... Shoaib mohammad and Miandad with average of 91, younis and yousuf with average of 78.
everything is hitting smack bang in the middle of the bat
pakistans attack is not good enough for test matches, no way u can win with this attack.
Look at the sound the ball hitting the bat is making

Everything is kabooom
target is to get them for 350.

Tactics have to change....

Have to think one of these out....

come on Misbah....
Kallis is going to make a double hundred
Will be very surprised with anything less than that
score is still ok.

If we get a wicket soon - it'll be beautiful.....
If this match was taking place in England , which of the 2 teams would make better use of the conditions and have the greater advantage? And also I,m sure there would be a lot more Pakistani supporters in the crowd, would that help?
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