Pakistan vs South Africa | 3rd ODI | Dubai | 02-Nov-2010 | Pak Innings

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Sep 25, 2007
Need 229 to win.

Can we chase it again?
Looks a difficult-ish track. Will need to wipe off a lot of the deficit in the first few overs to stand a chance.

But never fear, Albie is going to bowl a few overs :razzaq
Pakistan or south africa dont disappoint by finishing the match early
We need a solid partnership. I hope we see Asad and Younis getting this job done.

Good Luck Lads!
Come on Pakistan! We will win InshaAllah!
We have our work cut out here. Amla special is headed towards victory!
it isb the highest total on this tarck so far by any team well its the third odi on this tarck any how i think pak as long as they dont collapse will be good hope to see big innings from Asad Shafiq
Wish I was at home able to watch the game...InshahAllah will be recording the highlights tonight!
Farhat gone ....

very soon ...

my prediction :p
It will be a difficult chase. But I think we will make it inshallah !!
I think we need to get off to a solid start, keep wickets in hand and go at it at the end just like the last ODI.
lara fahrat vs dale stern -what a match it will be for 2 balls fahrat stays on the wicket
I agree with you WLFC, insha'Allah it'll be a cruise.
farhat will miss all the hitable balls and then try to hit one ballout of the world
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