Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 2nd Test | Dubai | 12/01/14 | Day 5

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Feb 4, 2005
Match begins shortly. How will Pakistan fare in the opening session?
Will it start on time? I ain't getting any sleep anyway so might just get up if it starts shortly.
haha same

start of the days play is always a dangerous period
So called opportunity to Adnan the host on pTV just said that :))
I hope I am totally wrong, but my gut feeling tells me that our tail will fail to wag for long and we will lose this game by more than 7 wickets or so. Let's hope, I am completely wrong.
Wow I cannot see a single spectator, completely empty.
is this a record for 5th day of a test?
There are some reverse swing. last one was a good ball that Sarfraz defended.
We must keep the score board ticking to keep the pressure on Sri Lanka
Sarfraz should wait till the 5th ball to take the single. The more ball he plays the better.
Nice bowling so far by Sri Lankan pacers. I must admit, as a unit, Sri Lankan pacers have bowled better than our pacers.
My heart is skipping a beat everytime Ajmal is facing a ball. He looks like getting out any ball. Not looking good at all. Let's hope he survives.
Sri Lanka are serial appealers, appeal for anything and everything.

Credit goes to Sanga for this poor behavior.

Ajmal looking awful the longer he hangs in there the easier it will get.
Ajmal is so much better in ODI where he goes after the bowling, cannot seem to play defense
Sarfraz should play mind games. When they get fielder in to restrict the fielder, hit it out :afridi
It is good they are playing cautious for now. After about 8-10 overs they can open up a little.
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