Protos Cricket?

My buddy used one of their bats-- don't remember the model, perhaps tornado or something like that but don't quote me on it. It felt good; quite light for the weight and had nice ping and very, very good balance. No idea about pads and gloves though.
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gloves, i used the test version they are very good the quality and have great protection
I posted pics on a past thread i think the thread was "best softs you have used"
Don't know about bats being too thick but like I said I have seen and used one of their bats and it felt good and the pick up and balance were very very nice; I think it was the Tornado--- reminded me of Slaz V500 with a more thick bottom and no scoops. For the price they hold excellent value. I hope this helps.
I saw a bat recently at the cricket training place i used to go to the bats were quite thick as in over 35mm for full size never got to use or examine properlt but they had nice grains aswell don't remember the model but it was either orange or red.
I understand they are made by FC Sondhi, shame they make better quality stuff for customers than their own brand
Protos is FC Sondhi's own brand.

Here are few pictures of there top of the line bats. Few Indian players use protos bats with there own stickers inc Tendulkar.



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Majid do have any photos of their softs?

I found their website look seriously outdated. anyone have the factory email?

Doesn't VVS Laxman use Protos gear? Or Protos stickers on another bat?
I thought PR were Protos but they are different so Sachin's adidas bat was PR Premier and not Protos.
I promise you wont like them, they are just boring and old design bit outdated.
Bats English willow





I think the gear is good. I like the bats and the shape of the bats. stickers are nice too.
Pads & Gloves are good




Batting gloves


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yeh i got the old gloves from lik 2yrs ago
and the bat i saw at cricket clininc was tornado they looked very good
I remember you had protos gloves.
Tornado bat is also my favourite I am interested in buying it, I'll ask Ajit if he can get any protos bats. Normally most Indian bats have smallish low sweetspots but these bats have extended middles longer profiles, similar to Slazenger bats.