Puma Bats


Nov 25, 2012
Hey could anyone please tell me which Puma bats are made in England . Most of the bats are made in India. People say that the 4000 5000 and 6000 bats are made in England by Rob Pack but Jason says that the 5000 is made in India so i am very confused on buying them. I want a English made Puma bat by Rob Pack so which one should i buy ? and i am interested in the pulse and platinum so which one of them are made in England by rob Pack.
Some bats like the Bionic and Pulse 6000 were made in India, so it varies model to model.

Here is on his offical website http://www.robertpack.adc-online.co.uk/ he has some Puma models that are supposedly made by him but its probably best to email him and ask.
Moin, dont be racist bro! lol

Buy a bat you like- not if a desi made it or a **** made it! lol
For what I know, SS makes Puma gears (the ones that are made in India), so not sure why its a fuss of whether you're getting a UK or Indian made one. SS bats are good.