Purchasing New Bats. Need Help.


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Jan 31, 2011
Salam Friends,

I help to buy new bats for me. After searching a lot on the internet, i have came up with few bats which are ,
1- AS V3 ,
2-Malik Bubber Sher.

I would Love to hear from you if someone have any idea about these bats or any better bat in the same price range, I don't have a very good idea when it comes to buy a hard ball bats & One more thing I will use these bats on cement wickets.


Make sure to order slightly lighter than what you normally use.
Brand name is not always important. Pick n feel must suit your play. You may not like a $1200.00 Laver and Wood Signature bat but a $50 desi made bat may feel superb to you.

Ideally look for a lighter bat with thick edges. The other thing is location of sweet spot, whether low, mid or High, and then handle shape whether round, oval, or semi oval.

I would perhaps go with a 2.7 or 2.8 AS. v10 bat, round handle, and thick edges, custom made at Sialkot factory according to my specs.
Ok just saw that u r playing on a cement wicket. So important thing is u want a bat with High middle (sweet spot) since the ball bounces more on cement than on soil surface, and u want a heavier weight bat. Light weight bat will break quickly on cement pitches
If you are open to foriegn made bats than I have a made in Australia bat with high middle. its about 2.10 in weight. Let me know your email n I will send u some pics
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Actually, I would like to buy any Pakistani brand, because it is very easy for me to buy it from factory or even showroom. Basically i am from Sialkot, Pakistan, where all factories of All Pakistani brands make the bats, but since last few years i have settled in KSA. So it is very easy for me to buy a bat from sialkot and many friends coming to KSA and they can bring the bat with their luggage.

I Just want to make sure that i get a good bat.
Ok then go for an AS v.10
The bat may be knocked in by the factory which is good BUT u still want to knock in for a few more hours. If its not knocked in by the factory then u need at least 15 hours of knocking. Don't take the bat directly on a cement pitch as it comes from the factory or else it might split into two.