RBS Twenty/20 Cup | Day 6 Matches Thread | 05/Mar/10

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Aug 16, 2006
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Never saw a day thread so:

The schedule is as follows for Day 6 (Friday):

Group C - Islamabad Leopards v Faislabad Wolves (1200 GMT)

Group B - Karachi Dolphins v Lahore Eagles (1600 GMT)

The winner of the Group C game will play Lahore Lions in the first semi on Saturday and the winner of the Group B game will play Sialkot Stallions in the second semi on Saturday.
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Islamabad chose to bat first.. with the Rams out, time to support these leopards. :akhtar
Islamabad Leopards won the toss and they elected bat first shoiab akthar playing yahooo hope he don't get injured today inshallah he play well today
Faisalabad Wolves squad

Mohammad Hafeez*, Misbah-ul-Haq, Ali Waqas, Khurram Shehzad, Mohammad Salman†, Shahid Nazir, Zeeshan Butt, Asad Ali, Samiullah Khan, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Asif, Ali Raza (1), Ijaz Ahmed jnr, Imran Khalid, Mohammad Talha, Naved Latif, Ahmed Hayat

Islamabad Leopards squad

Raheel Majeed, Umair Khan, Mohammad Yousuf, Fayyaz Ahmed, Iftikhar Anjum, Azhar Mahmood, Naeem Anjum†, Imad Wasim, Kamran Hussain, Faizan Riaz, Shoaib Akhtar*, Sarmad Bhatti, Fakhar Hussain, Shehzad Azam, Junaid Nadir, Irfan Talib, Ali Sarfraz, Ameer Khan

Karachi Dolphins squad

Mohammad Sami*, Adnan Baig, Afsar Nawaz, Agha Sabir, Azam Hussain, Fahadullah Khan, Fahad Iqbal, Fawad Alam, Irfanuddin, Khalid Latif, Rameez Aziz, Rumman Raees, Sarfraz Ahmed†, Shahid Afridi, Shahzaib Hasan, Sheharyar Ghani, Sohail Khan, Tahir Khan, Tanvir Ahmed, Tariq Haroon

Lahore Eagles squad

Humayun Farhat*, Aamer Sajjad, Abid Ali, Ali Azmat, Arsalan Mir, Asif Raza, Imad Wasim, Imran Farhat, Jahangir Mirza, Jamshed Ahmed, Kamran Sajid, Khaqan Arsal, Mohammad Irshad, Mohammad Khalil, Mohammad Naved, Mohammad Zohaib, Saad Nasim, Shahnawaz Malik, Taufeeq Umar, Wasim Khan
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TalhaSyed said:
Cant wait to see Akhtar in the attack :D
and humayun keeping and batting. This guy still has a chance to make th t20 squad. Akmal has been match fixing!
Sohaib-789 said:
Misbah vs Akhtar :))
haha akhtar will be all over him

:)) really hope Akhtar has the type of game he had first up in the IPL. might miss his overs tho coz of Jummah
Asad Ali takes a LOT of wickets with Samiullah, it will be interesting to see him in action.
Am looking forward to Yousuf Vs iDone
and also Shoaib Vs Misbah (I predict Hafeez will fall to a :akhtar away swinger).
Asad Ali gets Raheel Majeed.

Yousuf new batsman
Yousuf beaten first ball, hits 2nd for four.
Brilliant shot by Yousuf, trying to prove that he still wants to play T20 cricket.
SirRyanOfSalford said:
Morning all!

Moyo is in and seems like crippled fatty is playing too.
Come on, Azhar isn't crippled. :p
Faisalabad are one of the few teams who have a good kit.
give me other link this link is not working for me ..
Both Asad Ali and Samiullah swing the ball a lot and that's the reason they take so many wickets as our batsmen struggle against swinging deliveries.

Beautiful shot for FOUR by Umair Khan, he has decent technique
why would these players rather play footy while fielding and risk causing serious damage by getting their spikes stuck in the ball rather then trying to dive and stopping it?
looks like filder has stepped on the ball and damaged the ball :p
SirRyanOfSalford said:
Morning Sledge! thanks for the early morning laugh.
Morning. :)
One of the umpires trying to tamper the ball atm, smashing it into the pitch about 10 times. :rana
will akhtar be selected for T-20 World cup if he bowls today 4 overs and takes 2 to 3 wickets .
This left hander has timed everything pitched up.
Ayyub said:
will akhtar be selected for T-20 World cup if he bowls today 4 overs and takes 2 to 3 wickets .

hel be made captain :akhtar
15/1 in 2. Moyo has developed a very annoying habit of constantly talking to Umpires and the bowlers!
Asif Hussain is another guy to watch out talented player
Yousuf lets the ball go and asks for a new bat.
YOUSUF OUT! Huge wicket.

iDone getting iPampered on the boundary.

Shoaib Mohammad showing off his English again, at least we don't have to deal with :mirzaiqba
score board operators wont be getting to use the "Nice Catch" sign much :p
4 off 7 for Moyo, I was looking forward to him against :ajmal. :(
clumsiest catch ever been appreciated by commentators .. only in Pakistan!
It was an easy catch made to look hard by a Pakistani. Commentators creaming their pants.
Shoaib Mohammad sounds like Himesh Reshmiya. Its soooo annoying
4 runs, good shot.

Am surprised Nazir didn't open the bowling.
Beautiful shot, that. Took it off the stumps and whipped it away.. :inzi
Umpires are ****, missed a few no ball calls already. Shoaib Mohammad having a go.
Sledger said:
Umpires are ****, missed a few no ball calls already. Shoaib Mohammad having a go.

:akhtar can get away with 94 mph yorkers from 18 yards away from the batsmen
good attempt but he got to it and should have held on
Here we go, Iqbal starting to go on about past, useless and unrelated facts.
Umair Khan and Fayyaz are both looking quite good.
Both play confidently.
Umair played against England A but couldn't do much because he isn't T20 player. He is more suited to Tests and ODIs.

Good bowling and good batting so far.
Calling is terrible. Fair few run out chances already.

I am sure moin wants to kick Iqbal's behind but he just cant.

Hafeez to bowl now..36/2 in 6
Islamabad struggling bit here to get a move on, come on you leopards.. hang in there!
where is Naveed Latif? Was he not a Faisalabad player? He is quite good in this format.
iDone being held back, part time offies on.
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