Rollercoasters - Any Fans?


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Jun 1, 2001
Any white knuckle ride fans on PP?

If so, whats the best white knuckle ride you have been on and where was it?
hate rollercoasters....hate hate maybe coz im a wuss...but been on one back in 94 in disneyworld florida...

one at bush gardens in florida

small in doha, qatar think it was Alladins Kingdom...closed down

one in sydney small one too...but hate them
Stealth in thorpe park! 0-85mph in under 2 seconds! Even though total ride time is around 20 seconds, it's probably one of the best rollercoasters I've ever been on in terms of sheer adrenaline rush!

Nemesis Inferno is quite something as well!
Got some nice ones here in new jersey. Kindga Ka, El Toro, Nitro...Kingda kas the highest and fastest roller coaster in the world.
I'm a big rollercoaster fan. I've been on the Shockwave in Drayton Manor. I've also been on the Spacemountin in Disneyland Paris, and it's is one AWESOME ride! I've haven't been on much, the main reason is that I've only been to the Drayton Manor theme park only and Disneyland Paris once.
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Rita is an interesting one at Alton Towers. The speed at the start is awesome, its like being on a plane as it takes off.

Others that I enjoyed - Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure Florida, Aerosmith at MGM Studios Florida, Duelling Dragons Seaworld Florida, Pepsi Max at Blackpool, Air and Nemesis both at Alton Towers.
I was here a couple of weeks ago.

Found a video of this ride on youtube. The ride is only 1 minute long though.

I love rollercoasters. I always have had a soft stop for Air at Alton Towers, the first rollercoaster of that kind that I ever went on, felt so different to all the others with the way you hang. I was young enough to be impressionable then.

Porta Ventura in Catalonia has a couple of good ones. Dragon Khan is a pretty nippy one on a high track that features 6-8 loops, and the newest one Furious Baco is 0-80mph in no time (3.5 seconds according to wikipedia), the kind of acceleration that you actually feel pass through your body. the start of the ride is literally incredible and the speed is consistent until the final bend over the lake, where it slows down. That makes Baco faster than the Rita, which gets up to 100kph (about 60mph) in similar time.

Shame the wait is about an hour and the ride takes a minute, but that first few seconds nearly makes it worth it. Fastest rollercoaster in Europe atm.
Took the new rollercoaster "Behemoth" last week in canada's wonderland, the fastest and highest rollercoaster in Canada... it was ok... too smooth for my liking..should have been lil bit bumpy
Any white knuckle ride is fine with me.

They look scarier than they actually are.

Been on all the white knuckle rides / roller-coasters at Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Drayton Manor, Chessington etc etc.
Pepsi max in Black pool is good!!

Nemesis in alton towers is very good!
Cedar point in Ohio, USA.

Best rollercoasters EVER...
Formula Rossa at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Those first 5 seconds OMG your head just snaps back and that adrenaline surge!