Royal Mafia FC's title chances gone down the drain?


PPCL Hall of Famer
Mar 21, 2012
It seems that way after it was announced that their star striker, the man who has fired them to so many victories, who is leading goalscorer in all 3 competitions in PPFMC, Sergio Aguero, has been ruled out for 3 months, possibly the rest of the season, due to a torn hamstring.

He's been a nightmare for defences all season, and this comes as a big blow for King_Rizzy and his side. Whilst they do have Messi in their ranks and plenty of cover on the bench, it's extremely difficult to replace a word class player like Aguero, who was leading the charge for Royal Mafia FC's title challenge.

Nilmar recently expressed his concerns regarding first team football, and it seems he may have to take the role up front now and hope he can perform just as well for his team.
This now opens up the tournament. Anyone can win from this stage.
You've still got Messi, man! I know it'll be a big blow, but I guess you can still win all 3 comps.
Nilmar might finally get his chance lol but knowing Rizzy he will change the formation to keep him on the bench :))