SLPL Final : Nagenahira v Uva


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Jun 1, 2001
Teams :

Nagenahira - Imran Nazir, Ahmed Shehzad, Travis Birt, AD Mathews*, C de Grandhomme, AK Perera, TN Sampath†, BAW Mendis, RMS Eranga, PVD Chameera, S Randiv

Uva - SHT Kandamby*, S Chanderpaul, Umar Gul, AB McDonald, JDP Oram, PBB Rajapaksa, SMSM Senanayake, S Prasanna, EMDY Munaweera, CRD Fernando, RSSS de Zoysa†

Nagenahira currently 34 for 1 from 6.3 overs.

Ahmed Shehzad out for 18 from 14 deliveries.
Imran is out too. Huge wicket. He's a monster in semi-finals and finals. Big match player.
I dont think they got enough money to fill more hotel bill for extra day.

Seriously though if there is a reserve day, I would laugh, because Uva will feel they got cheated, getting both the Pakistani's early and also managing to take 3 wicket and keeping them under 50 in 10 overs...I don't think it would happen again, or rather it will be more difficult. Let's see how things shape up form here.
this tournament had most of the things against them: fans, players and the weather
but the question remains that who will qualify for Champions league T20.
Imran Nazir played very poorly today. It was a bad knock. I hope he improves in the games against the Aussies. Needs to play straight and stop playing across the line to straight balls.
LOL.. rain again, according to the DL score, Uva are 19 runs ahead!

Gul , Hammad and Fawad with them In CLT20 :hammad
A pretty lame way for the match to end.

Should have had a reserve day.
no presentation nothing .... wht a failure of league
BPL was 20 times better then this
Dont understand why Mathews chose to bat first when you know rain is around the corner. What an utter stupid and shocking decision. Dean Jones seem to be shocked.
does any of the pakistan players of uva next play for sialkot stallions? and what about oram and mcdonald in their respective countries?

uva will have a strong opening combo if they can get gayle for the CL, together with munaweera.
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malik was in uva but Sialkot comes first for him ...
so uva can have hammad
I had low expectations from SLPL at the first place but the tournament was even poorer than i expected

Matches rain affected, top quality intl players unavailable, empty stands, less number of sixes, poor fielding........all the things that are recipe for a tournament to be flopped

however, one good thing about the tournament compared to BPL was the performance of the locals. That too was because the youngsters got chances, they played with freedom and not to mention their really werent that too many dominating foreign players.
conclusion : A Flopped league need to raise it in 2nd season
BPL clearly winners frm slpl for first season