South Africa v New Zealand | 1st ODI | Port Elizabeth | 30/11/07

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Gillespie to de Villiers, FOUR, if you are wondering where the customary four-ball from Gillespie - here it is. Short and wide outside the off stump. AB leans back and cuts it through the narrow gap between point and fully

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S.A 85/5 after 30 overs...

They need to some how get up to 200 here...
nz showing signs of a mediocre team- having the opposition in all sorts of trouble and not killing of the game.
the new beast of Africa

210 is quite tricky total as lights at P.E are pretty poor standard.

Kiwis will have to bat solidly here!
NZ 34-1 after 6 overs - need 176 more to win @ 4 an over
SA was 18-2
Gibbs drops a dolly at cover
NZ 62-1 after 12.4 overs - need 148 more to win
looks like NZ will square the series. Looking bad for Bangladesh!!
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