Pakistan's T20I record since 2019


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Feb 16, 2006
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1) Lost 3-0 to Sri Lanka's C team at home in 2019

2) Lost 2-0 to Australia in Australia in 2019

3) Beat Bangladesh 2-0 at Home in 2020 (Minnows)

4) Drew 1-1 against England in England in 2020 (Not full Strength England)

5) Beat Zimbabwe 3-0 at Home in 2020 (Minnows)

6) Beat South Africa 2-1 at Home in 2021 (Not full Strength South Africa)

7) Beat South Africa 4-1 in South Africa in 2021 (Not full Strength South Africa)

8) Beat Zimbabwe 4-1 in Zimbabwe in 2021 (Minnows)

9) Lost 2-1 to England in England in 2021 (Not Full Strength England)

10) T-20 WC in 2021 (Lost in Semi Finals against Full Strength Australia)

11) Beat Bangladesh 3-0 in Bangladesh in 2021

12) Lost 1-0 to Australia in 2022 at home (C-D team of Australia)

13) Asia T-20 Cup 2022 (Lost to India in group game, barely scrapped by Afghanistan, Lost to Sri Lanka in dead rubber and Final)

14) Lost 4-3 to England in 2022 at home (Not full strength England)

15) T20 WC in 2022(Lost to India, Zimbabwe, Luckily scapped to Semi's because of SA chocking, Lost to England in final)

16) Lost 2-1 to Afghanistan in UAE in 2023 (Minnows)

17) Drew 2-2 against New Zealand at home in 2023 (Not full strength New Zealand)

18) Lost 4-1 against New Zealand in New Zealand in 2024 (Not full strength New Zealand)

19) Losing 2-1 against New Zealand at Home in 2024 (C team of New Zealand)

Comments: Out of the 19 series above in 2019, Pakistan has lost 11 series and most of the wins are against Minnows and 95% of the results are under the captaincy of King Bobby Azam.

They myth that Pakistani is a great T-20 side is just as true as PSL stars are as great as the IPL products.
Pak cricket is dead and I have been saying this for a long time. It will cease to Zimbabwe level in 10 years. I have stopped watching or caring about Pak cricket. Cricket is a face of a failed country brought to its knees by mafia boots.

It was a mind blowing Pak cricketing aura while it lasted from 1950’s to late 2000’s.