South Africa vs Sri Lanka | 2nd Test | Durban | Dec 26-30, 2011 | Day 2

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Sri Lanka would be hoping that there tail can stick around and get another 50 here
De Lange with a wonderful 7fer.

Samaraweera the lonely warrior with a hundred for SL. 338 all out.

SA 22-1. Rudolph caught a fine leg, impressive catch in the deep.
Interesting to note Amla only averages 15 here, this is his home ground of course.
Beautiful afternoon in Durban, the sun bathers are loving the action.

Smith flick to square leg. No run. 26-1.
The evergreen Kallis strides out. He's been there before. The cool reliable iceman.
Slanted across by Welegedra, had to play and taken by Mahela at slip.

SL having a ball in Durban. 27-3.

Kallis trudges off for naught.
South African top order in suspect on tricky pitch shock.

Saffers doing their best to end Sri Lanka's 15-test winless streak :))) :))) :)))

Not sure which team I'd rather not be.
"News is SA bowlers went to the beach for a recovery session after Sri lanka innings, guess they gotto hurry back", tweets Paul Adams :))) :)))
lol :))) SA Batting really sucks, I rem back in the 90's they had good openers, Allrounders , good middle order bats as well as great bowlers, they only had one issue back then: CHOCKING.... Now it seems they only have good bowlers and THATS IT............ SRI LANKA TO WIN THIS ONE EASILY and the next test will be drawn...
The bowling is pretty good, good enough for a number one test team in fact; it's the much-vaunted batting which usually lets them down. It's slightly stunning how some of these players have such high batting averages when they fail under pressure so often.
The kind of bowling SL have I doubt they can pick 20 wickets to win a test Match, they best that we can expect is a draw from them
SL need to strike here...... they really need to get charged up and pick at least 2 wickets before stumps.
salary payments seem to b working

SA doin wat they did last year v us:))
Saffers 168 all out. SL gets 170 run lead..

Chanaka Welegedara 5 wickets for 52 runs. :14:
Fantastic stuff by the Lankans. They have a great chance of victory here but I'm still backing the Saffers to bowl out Lanka cheaply and chase down the total.
welegedara is a pretty decent bowler. is improving with each test. bowled well even in uae.
What the hell is wrong with Dilshan? He is worse than Afridi
To be fair, looked like a decent delivery from Steyn to Dilshan in the 2nd dig
What the hell is wrong with Dilshan? He is worse than Afridi

Not sure he's been quite the same since Chris "Big Goober" Tremlett busted up his thumb at Lord's during his grand innings of 193.

But yes, Steyn served him up a ripper this time. :waqar
Laugh all you want Saffers will win this test, SA seems to be the only country that keeps producing good bouncy pitches so credit to them for insisting on that strategy despite a few setbacks.

LOL at English fans having a go at SA, its due the SA born players that your team is doing well nowadays so don't get carried away here.
It's all good fun :bumble

Saffer might win but Lankan is effectively 177/1, a very strong position.....
LOL at English fans having a go at SA, its due the SA born players that your team is doing well nowadays so don't get carried away here.

And in particular South African-born Andy Flower!

However, Swann and Anderson are critical to England's successes IMO and neither of them are Saffas. I couldn't see England thrashing all the oppositions the way they have over the past year or two without those two "gun" bowlers TBH.
Daily threads for SA vs SL match is not needed.

Most probably saffers will lose this.

Tomorrow will be a bad day for me :(
India might lose and SL might win. :|
lol pollock got owned. he said "We will dominate the lankans." unusual coming from him.

i dont really blame him. still life can spring some shocks on all.
Sanga's first ton in South Africa today hopefully, legend :bow:
100 up for Lanka.. Lead by 270 runs..

Samaraveera got jinxed. 32* of 46 balls ;P
Highest successful run chase at Durban is 340, with only two successful chases ever above 185.

Going to take a record-breaking effort from South Africa now.
durban is cursed ground for saffers. aus, eng, ind and now possibly lanka.

if lanka lose from now, it will be if they play spectacularly badly.
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