Sri Lanka v England | 2nd Test | Colombo | Apr 3-7, 2012

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Feb 13, 2010
Toss in ~30 minutes.

ENG are facing a 2nd whitewash in a row and a demotion in rankings. A SL win will push the current #1 to #3.
Just checked; Anything less than a win for ENG would dethrone them of the #1 rankings. A draw/tie will have them at #2, a SL win would have them at #3. While SL(Current #6) are moving towards Pakistan(#5).
England would certainly deserve to slump a place or two if they failed to win a test this season. South Africa and Australia would usually win at least 1 or 2 tests out of every 5 in Asia, so England need a win.
Good work Fawad ...... , I also thought that if there was no thread for this Test I will make one.
This is incorrect, They would remain number 2 if that were to happen.

You're right. But if AUS beat WI 3-0 in Tests, they will go to #2 (based on Points)

If AUS beat WI 3-0, and SL win this Tests:

#1 SA
#2 AUS
#3 ENG
#4 IND
#5 PAK
#6 SL
#7 WI
#8 NZ

Here is a screenshot


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Strauss Cook Trott Pietersen Bell Prior Patel Bresnan Swann Anderson Finn
HDRL Thirimanne, TM Dilshan, KC Sangakkara, DPMD Jayawardene*, TT Samaraweera, AD Mathews, HAPW Jayawardene†, S Randiv, HMRKB Herath, RAS Lakmal, KTGD Prasad


AJ Strauss*, AN Cook, IJL Trott, KP Pietersen, IR Bell, MJ Prior†, SR Patel, GP Swann, JM Anderson, ST Finn, TT Bresnan
I think its pretty harsh to drop Panesar. Patel should have been left out.
England yet to prove its test status in SC . :rondu

Good luck to them, they really are hopeless.
Monty was pretty economical. he could hold one end up and others could attack from the other end.
FYI, with Bresnan in the playing XI, England have never lost a Test match before.
Monty was pretty economical. he could hold one end up and others could attack from the other end.

I guess they thought they'd be boosting the batting by keeping Patel. As a matter of fact, Panesar scored more runs then Patel in the first test...

I think both Finn and Bresnan will do great here.
SL need to show more spine in there batting, must look for 400 batting first, england will come hard with he new ball.
Good lineup this time, sensible. Bresnan's a good choice, and Finny over Monty makes sense. Loss of Broad will sting in the batting department though. Terrible to lose the toss and have to bowl though.
I hate Umpire's call. That looked pretty out, on review it would have been Umpire's call, but looked to hit leg stump, not so much grazing it.
GOLDEN DUCK FOR SANGAKKARA! Jimmy's Bunny, second golden duck for Sangakkara to Jimmy this series.

Anderson is terrible in the SC!
Gone :out, a fumble but Strauss holds on after a fumble, Anderson on a hatrick an Sanga dismissed as he was in the last innings
The bowl keepig low and the English fielders finding it a bit difficult, expect a lot of dropped catches from Sri Lanka
Brilliant stuff from Anderson :14:

Loved Sanga getting out on a golden duck.
Ball going out of shape is nice for England. Slightly nicer looking ball being given, brighter red you can clearly see.
Never had a hat-trick in international cricket - Atherton says. WC vs. Pakistan in ODIs
One over of Jimmy against the left hander and then over to Bresnan after would be ideal.
Deliciously plumb. Anderson vs. SL this game is turning out to be.
Though to be fair, that was more Thirimane having an aneurysm.
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