Sri Lanka vs Bermuda [Group B/Match 4] - Updates


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Jul 13, 2006
Looks like saeeds recoprd is in danger now,
lanka will bat first so fingers crossed jayasuriya gets out quickly and bermuda bowl good
Could see a massive score here if the sri lankan batsmen get in
Long delay jayasuuria still getting treatment, there are about ten doctors on the pitch lol.
Good over from bermuda only 2 runs scored off it.
7-0 2overs
Lots of extras in this over, i think he has already bowled 13 balls in this over
14 ball over... that must be a record i think... well for the world cup anyway
Looks like he's fallen at the first hurdle..
There is a lot of bounce in the pitch...if K Hurdle( before his no balls) could cause so many problems then imagine how Zaheer Khan would do on this pitch on Saturday!
They should have kept hurdle on he did atleast trouble the batsmen
thranga lucky there edged just over the head of the fielder and away for four