ss ranger vs ss ton professional


Jun 12, 2012
Hello there.I'm looking to buy a SS bat and came across these two bats.My budget is around 19000 rs (pkr).I'm confused between the SS ranger and ss ton pro bats.I want a bat for hitting and was wondering which one has thicker edges and a stronger middle.Please let me know thank you
I have SS Ranger the edges are quite thick. I have around 38 mm. The bat pings good. But it still needs more knocking. It definitely increased my hitting range. I cant compare both of them because I haven't used both of them to compare. SS ranger bat has low sweet spot.
ton pro all the way... i had use both in fact i m using ss ton pro bat. its awesome.. i am sure youll like it if u r a hitter
I got the RNS Unik instead.I cant post pictures from my phone but its a brilliant bat.It has a very different feel.