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Jul 7, 2012
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Hey guys i dug out a yorker in practice nets then this happened to my bat any suggestions? On how to repair it I knocked it in despite it being (PP) and even used a soft ball at the beginning guess i didn't do a good enough job :( All feedback welcomed !


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hi qasim,just dont worry about it,its bat's toe is damaged more than yours and one side of the toe is pulled in back side of the bat,i just glued it just to make it strong and applied a white tape used in first aid bat is going fine ,no problems.if you are concerned,just do what i did or roll the area with twine(it might affect the balance sometimes but it offers great protection.the cracks in toes are common and nothing to worry about.what are you going to do?
Ah thanks dude im still a newbie and couldnt upload the photos properly lol ! Well ill probably tape it up i guess i mean i dont have much other choice its not like the middle or side has cracked thank fully but it does look a bit bad but better by bat than my foot or stumps :) ! Plus at least people want oogle at the bat as much as before haha
Just tracking back a few years. In the 2000 - 2005 time frame, if we come across such cracks on toe, we would take it to a sports shop and they would tie a gut around the crack.

Well, let me explain it a bit better : The Badminton racket gut will be usually tied around the crack, using the gutting machine for strength and tightness. Prior to that, they do apply some glue and so dome sanding around the crack as well. Once the Gut is tied in properly, for this size of a crack, the gut width tied would be about 1cm. Which will cover the length of the crack. A old SG of mine had a similar crack and had it gutted, which lasted for another season without any problems from that toe area.

Well, it was in India where this was done. Of late with face protectors and fibre glass tapes around, not sure, if such practice still exists.
i'd say go to a good sport's shop and get it glued and gutted. As @jeel says that his bat lasted for another season after it had been gutted.
Yeah i might take it to local sports shop anyone know how to upload the image without super blown up?
wait. Get PVA glue into all the cracks. Then get a role of sticky tape. Wrap that tightly as you can around the toe area 3/4 time. Let the glue dry over 2 days. Take tape off let it dry for 1 more day. Then sand the area smooth. THen get some fibre glass tape wrap it tightly around the crack 2 times and again just above the crack. Then apply shoe goo as a toe guard overlapping the edges, a bit of the face and the back (like 2/3mm).