Turkey to renovate this beautiful cricket stadium in Muzaffarabad

Injecting newlife and enthusiasm into the virtually dormant sporting bodies, players and general public in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), the first ever government-sponsored Twenty-20 cricket tournament is all set to kick off here from November 10.
This was announced by AJK minister for sports, youth and culture Mohammad Saleem Butt here after attending a meeting with representatives of local traders and civil society activists to make the ‘mega event’ a great success.
The meeting was presided over by Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed.
“We have taken this tournament as achallenge and we will prove that there is talent as well as capacity in AJK to excel in all sports, cricket being on top of them,” said the exuberant minister from the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
With 64 teams in the fray, the tournament is being played in Narul Cricket Stadium which was given a festive look in recent days by the sports ministry from its meagre resources.
According to official sources, Turkish government, which has to its credit anumber of magnificent buildings in Muzaffarabad, had pledged to rebuild the stadium as well, but in spite of at least two reminders to the Turkish mission in Islamabad to this effect, there had been no response.
Nevertheless, Mr Butt said, he was keen to invite the Turkish ambassador at the inaugural ceremony “because the earthquake stricken Kashmiris owed gratitude beyond description to their Turkish brethren for their invaluable support in rescue, relief and reconstruction phases.”
The minister said it was for the first time after the devastating earthquake that a major sports activity was being held in AJK with such a great fanfare. Billboards and hoarding had sprung up in the capital, and the inaugural ceremony included an hour-long cultural show, he said.
He told questioners that in view of the resource constraints, his ministryhad not demanded any special budget for the event and had insteadintroduced the trend of contributions by interested people from all walks of life in shape of tickets.
The price of each ticket is a paltry Rs50 for whole day during which two matches would be held, he said.
“The purpose is to re-generate peoples’ interest in sports. We want to revive the broken links between them and sporting activities,” he said.
What a sensational sight

Imagine actually being at the ground..would be something one never forgets no doubt

Great stuff from the Turkish government !
err. does turkey play cricket?

need more stadiums like this
err. does turkey play cricket?

need more stadiums like this

Probably more than Ghaddafi and Libiya..

Anyways stunning location, beautiful MashaAlallah!

Now we could have two international stadiums in AK. About time PCB and selectors looked into the talent in this lovely area.