West Indies v England | 1st ODI | Guyana | 20/3/09

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Oct 11, 2008
West Indies team
CH Gayle (C), RR Sarwan, LMP Simmons, S Chanderpaul, DJ Bravo, KA Pollard, DJG Sammy,D Ramdin (wkt), NO Miller, FH Edwards, DBL Powell

England team
AJ Strauss (C), RS Bopara, KP Pietersen, OA Shah, PD Collingwood, MJ Prior(wkt), AD Mascarenhas, SCJ Broad, GJ Batty, SJ Harmison, JM Anderson

England win toss and bat

Harmison back.
7 wides in 4 overs by WI
Eng 22-0 after 5
no boundary by England yet
Not watched a ball yet - but pitch getting a fair bit of criticism on the radio.

And how the hell is Darren Powell still playing in this side?

Says a lot for their selectors or their bench strength if he is the best they can call upon
england have batted 1st in every match in this tour, 5 tests, T20 international and now this ODI
Ravinder Bopara caught on the deep-square boundary...of a 'FREEHIT' :)

74-2 off 15 overs
Eng 155/3 after 31 overs...

Should be looking at 270-300 here!
Intresting to see how cowlashers pollard and Simmons go later in game with the bat!
Nudge me not Bashiriya
Collingwood 37(44) - Owais Shah 50(69)
Eng 179-3 after 36.2 overs @ 4.92
Bob Willis: Sky

'This Darren Powell character. How does he get into this side. Is he related to one of the selectors?'
West Indies players go on strike

All three 11th round matches in the West Indies Cricket Board's regional four-day tournament have failed to start after players in dispute with the board refused to take to the field.

The exact nature of yet another stand-off between the WICB and the region's cricketers is unclear, but the boycott follows the news that last night Dinanath Ramnarine, who heads the players' association, resigned as a director of the board.

Players involved in games in Barbados, St Vincent and Jamaica failed to turn up at the grounds for the scheduled start.

In the one-day international against England, the West Indies players took to the field with masking tape over the Digicel logos on their left arms.

Julian Hunte, the embattled WICB president, told regional news agency CMC he could not speak on the matter because he was "otherwise engaged". Attempts to reach Donald Peters, the board's CEO, were unsuccessful.

More to follow.

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2.15pm Good news, the covers are coming off so hopefully we will be back on action soon.
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England 198/3 (39.0 ov)

One power play left.... should get 270 here atleast!
Quite a lengthy rain break. Not sure if any overs were lost though.

206-3 off 40 overs

Shah: 60*
Bollywood: 48*
12thMan said:
Julian Hunte, the embattled WICB president, told regional news agency CMC he could not speak on the matter because he was "otherwise engaged".

Poor 'Digicel' reception / signal?
England has taqaty khel. First over of powerplay 3 singles and a wide. Collingwood gets to 50 off 58 balls
Eng 210-3 after 41 overs
Shah tries to slog - skies it - and is caught for 62

Bravo gets his 100th ODI wkt

Dimtri goes stright away! Quack Quack Quack!!!

LBW - Pollard's the bowler


England falling apart at the business end of the inngs
Right then. Mascarenhas is here to give it a bit of a tonk

and two balls later

42.2 Pollard to Mascarenhas, OUT, that is so out. Utterly out. Emphatically dead in front of middle-and-off. It cut back a bit, and Mascarenhas didn't even bother to look back at the umpire
AD Mascarenhas lbw b Pollard 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
England are pottering along like a newly-wedded couple in an antiques shop. No urgency, and worst of all - they're not even going to buy anything

England with 18 runs and 2 wickets in the 5 power play overs
Eng 224-5 after 45 overs @ 4.97
12thMan said:
England are pottering along like a newly-wedded couple in an antiques shop. No urgency, and worst of all - they're not even going to buy anything

To be fair, even old-ly wedded couples take their time in antique shops.
Son of Chris runs himself out


3 balls left
England finished on 270-7 off their 50 overs, Lendl just played a cross court top spin forehand for 4. in other words a pull shot through mig wkt. 44-1
that was 91 meters, BIG hit straight over the bowlers head. Batty the bowler
Sarwan 26(44) - Simmons 36(58)
WI 75-1 after 18.5 overs @ 3.98 - need 196 more @ 6.28
West Indies are playing like us.. except that they are less talented. Lets see if they can pull this off.
RRR nearly up to 7, Chanders the next man in, that's unlikely to help matters.
Sarwan 44(63) - Simmons 44(76)
Wii 99-0 after 25 overs - need 172 more @ 6.88
Sarwan OUT! Collingwood the bowler, Strauss with the catch at midwkt.

5 wides now from Collingwood, shouldnt have been wide tho


Crowd really alive!
West Indies 147/2 - simmons needs to get a ton here and take W.I home.

W.I losing their way now! Pollard new man in!
#5 batsman Pollard with 8 matches and 47 runs now playing his 9th match
Key phase of match. W.I need some boundaries here!
Charderpaul sort of well sweeps Harmison for 6 behind square leg, helped it over the boundary. 4,6,4
four more for chanderpaul! :)

18 off the over so far...

200 up!
End of over 40 (26 runs) - West Indies 209/3 (62 runs required)

S Chanderpaul 45* (28b 6x4 1x6) SJ Harmison 7-0-51-0
KA Pollard 21* (19b 2x6) SCJ Broad 7-2-26-1

39.6 Harmison to Chanderpaul, FOUR
This is quite outstanding - unmissable cricket from Chanderpaul

39.5 Harmison to Chanderpaul, FOUR, another! This is breathless cricket from Chanderpaul, standing tall and slapping it straight back past Harmison. My word - he absolutely drilled that

39.4 Harmison to Chanderpaul, FOUR, shot! Four more to Chanderpaul, walking into another aerial extra-cover driven boundary
Can Harmison respond? He's going around the wicket now

39.3 Harmison to Chanderpaul, FOUR, the crowd are alive now! Four more! An orthodox and powerfully struck four over extra cover. This is how you play a batting Powerplay!

39.2 Harmison to Chanderpaul, SIX, that is stunning! Absolutely brilliant from Chanderpaul. Down on one knee - almost both knees - he scooped underneath it and sent it sailing over fine leg for six. Special shot, that!

39.1 Harmison to Chanderpaul, FOUR, poor, wide ball but a top shot - back-cutting for four. Brilliant
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