West Indies v Pakistan | 5th ODI | Guyana | 5/5/11 | West Indies Innings

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Rizz Khan

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Nov 13, 2010
Awful Batting By Pakistan Except For Hafeez..

Can Pakistan Defend 139?
140 runs is the target for WI to win . Can we defend 139 after some fun batting ? :yk
Questionable. They needed 200 for it to be a contest. With the new ball it's not difficult :hafeez
That was fast. :p

Nothing to say really, 3-2 unless they bat even worse than us or Wahab/Juni turn into Waqar/Wasim all of a sudden.
Assalamu Aleikum awaam :D :ibutt

I predict this being a thread with few posts :afridi
Do you think we guys can do it?

I think :)
Pakistan Zindabad! :pkflag

Target: 140
Just get simmons out early, Junni will do the rest :junaid

Looney ka thread aaway e aaway
Baaqi sab jhootay daaway :afridi
both you and Rizz Khan @ 18:30

mine was 18:32 :(

most go to the most senior one :moyo :malik :yk

i even made a slogan for my thread . my commentary threads have been lucky for the team . my thread deserves to be a sticky .
75% of my mind says that Wahab is gonna get a 5fer today.
20% is thinking of exams.
5% saying that Pak will lose.
retard is bowling himself first? wants to lose the game for us again!
must say mods are very islow today =P lagta hai saare match se bhaag ghaye hain


oh wait garmi kuch zaida hi hai :(

but I seriously think we can win this game, though :)
must not drop catches, and put pressure on frmo ball 1
LOL did Afridi really open the bowling? This is still a winable game as long as Wahab and Junaid are on point. Junaid especially, I think, will be able to trouble the batsmen.
Afridi opening the bowling.

4 off the first over.
Afridi trying to be a hero here.
Whats he doing bowling the first over?!!
if someother captain would hav this people would hav said leading from the front! bt in Afridis case he is a loser!!!
Should've given the ball to Hafeez. No point in holding anyone back in this game like Afridi usually does in small chases. Go for blood.
We still have =D

It's just difficult to defend when they don't even need to go 3 an over.

you need a few bowlers to be super economical and taking wickets

My fear is that Riaz will take wickets, but just give away too many runs. and guys like Hafeez and Afridi will not give many runs but not take wickets.
yeah Hafeez is a better new ball bowler than afridi
Have to bring ajmal on early and pray he takes wickets
afridi should be removed as captain asap after this tour...winning 3-2 is unacceptable against a bog team like windies! loser phattu captain!
This looks like WI badla for the WC QF


exactly what I said in the west indies innings,total thrashing we are getting by the windies, They have tried their best while we have been too over confident and have just gone beyond the limit :facepalm:
loser continues even though he is too thick to realise he shouldnt be bowling. and gives away four
Freebies with such low total

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afridi should be removed as captain asap after this tour...winning 3-2 is unacceptable against a bog team like windies! loser phattu captain!

Exactly bro. winning 3-2 , even 5-0 against a #10 ranked team with their second rated player is nothing. Unless our cuptaan feels we are a minnows too. Need to remove him ASAP
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