What do you use while on the crease ?


Jun 12, 2011
Everyone has a lot of equipment but, what do you use when its a matchday and youre batting.

Purist pro helmet
Adidas pro gloves 2010
SS academy thigh guard
Gunn and moore original le pads
Gunn and moore luna 808 ( indian )
Adidas 22yds lite cricketshoes.
Gm box.
Thigh pads are for girls :asif

Puma Iridium 5000 pads
Reebok Centurion gloves
AS G200
Albion helmet
Joota :afridi
SS matrix pads
SG test gloves
Aero P2 strippers
SG Carbofab helmet
Max grainer cricket bat
Puma iridium cricket shoes

would buy a good G1 cricket bat at the end of the season.
AS v10 pads
Ihsan Inferno gloves
CA thighpads and chest guard
Masuri helmet
Gray Nicolls bat
CA cricket shoes :umarakmal
This is what I used in my last game;

Bat: BlackCat Shadow
Pads: SS Gladiator
Gloves: Kookaburra Kahuna Players
Helmet: Green Masuri
Protection: ShockDoctor, Adidas Pro Arm Guard and Aero P1 Strippers.
Shoes: Adidas Trainers but will be wearing Nike Googlys or Asics Gel Advance 3 L.E.
Last Game..

Bat: MB Malik And Then Puma.
Pads: MB Sher.
Gloves: MB Sher.
Helmet: MB.
Protection: Abdo Guard, Thigh Guard.
Shoes: Slazanger.
Bat: Kookaburra Blade 250
Pads: GM 909 d3o
Gloves: GM 909 d3o
Helmet: Wore a Cap Instead
Protection: Abdo-Guard
Shoes: Adidas Predator Pulsado Turf Shoes
Bat: custom made non isticker bat I got from a friend
Pads: team ke pads from our isponsors
Gloves: CA ones bought from PK in 2005
Helmet: Masuri helmet bought from PK in 2005
Protection, arm guard from PK, just bought GM big jangia with that thigh pad thing from UK, and woh wala protection :iamlegend
shoes: AM something cricket shoes plastic "spikes" from PK :)

yeah... as u can need I could need an upgrade
but I just played 3-4 games this season though, so it is hokkay!
Bat: CA plus 10000
Pads: CA plus 10000 (would recommend very light)
Gloves : CA TRD
Helmet: Blue Albion

As you can see i like my CA...:butt
Boom Boom Apex (bat)
BAS Enigma Pads
CA Plus 12000 gloves
Kook Apex Helmet
Kook Kahuna thigh pad
Slazenger Inners
Asics Gel 335 Spikes
Plain box
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Bat: SS Ton Limited Edition
Glove: SG Supalite
Thigh Guard: SG proflex
Pads: SG Test
Shoes: Kookabura
CD, how do you compare the - SS Platinum Reserve and SS Millennium Pro?

seen the mill pro and they are really light and comfy.
CD, how do you compare the - SS Platinum Reserve and SS Millennium Pro?

seen the mill pro and they are really light and comfy.

The Platinum Reserve gloves are sausage style like SS LE gloves whereas Milennium Pro are split, Platinum Reserve are UK Men's while other ones are Indian Men's. Both are Pittard palm but I find Pittard of Platinum Reserve to be better compared to Millenium Pro.

Overall I rate Platinum Reserve higher as they are a bit more comfortable, soft and gives me better grip
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Masha Allah

I have just one pair of gloves which I have had since 2005 :inzi
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