WT20 | India vs WI | Group 2 | 23/03/14 | Mirpur | WI Innings

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It does not matter how long someone has been here if one is just generalizing. It is more like you acting as a spokeperson - the irony.
Trolling aside. Brilliant bowling by the Indians. Strangled the Windies. :14:
Almost dropped it :)) It's a competition between our fielders and their batsmen.
And Sir Jaddu gives the Indian batsmen something to chase. Big hearted :afridi
Could be a tricky chase given the pitch. That being said, proud of our bowlers. Under promised but over delivered!
Anyone heard Dhoni yelling to jaddu: dheere daal sakta hai yahape!!!....looks like that advice
got him the Simmons wicket :yk
West Indies got far more than they deserved, thanks to Indian fielding. Chasable target in my opinion.
And classless Indian shows up on a Pak forum to tell us what we wanna say on a Pak forum. I have seen many of your classless comments. Now back to your Indian talk dark hole forum

Just dont ruin it for genuine cricket fans . I come here as a fan of the sport and its annoying to hear people randomly accusing players of fixing matches . Pakistanis use these tems very loosely .
Not open for further replies.