Your favorite bat stickers.

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Dec 24, 2019
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My all time favorite has been and probably will always be Bradbury's second Gen when Paul had the Gold and Blue blend stickers.

Then it's Mighty Willow's WillowTwin. These are pretty hard to beat IMO.
If there was a day where I buy a bat just for it's stickers, this will be it!

I also loved the front and back for Nixon's second gen before they moved to white background. These were very nice looking and unique as it gave the hint of Japanese calligraphy.

This was my first love of burned mark labeling. "The Don" by Slaz. One heckuva a job.

Some other brands may have tried this but I think willow stix came closer. (even CA recently copied it 5 years after the GN Legend style)

And honorable mention of H4L pro or custom. Not sure if they produce these anymore but these were very nice.

I also think that ALL Asian designers of cricket bat stickers should be sent to jail for at least a month every time they produce those SCREAMY, LOUD, UGLY, HUGE, OUT OF PROPORTION and ON YOUR FACE type of stickers with horrible color selection and combination.

I have yet to be impressed by an Asian bat sticker. Hate'em all!
Slazenger V used to be a thing of beauty as did GM but sponsorship ruined it. Only Gray's are the ones worthy now via Cook