Zimbabwe vs Pakistan | 2nd Test | Harare | 14/09/2013 | Day 5

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Dec 8, 2012
Last day of this enthralling series!
Will Pakistan redeem themselves and blank out Zimbabwe 2-0 or will the hosts create history?
Yeah we will crush them, looking for a 2/3 wicket win, Ajmal edging for a four to win the game.
I honestly think its 60%- 40% in Pakistan's favour.

As soon as the required runs will be less than a hundred the bowlers will be under immense pressure.
There is no rush in getting the runs, so there isn't any need in rah shots.
Zimbabwe need to tight with their bowling. Easy runs will relieve pressue off the batsmen.
The first one hour will tell us which direction this game is going.
70/30 in favor of Zimbabwe.. 5th day pitch, morning swing and new ball..

All indicators of a wicket or two falling early.. 70% chance.

IF Pak don't lose wicket, we will win it.
Misbah has a chance to redeem himself after that moribund knock in the first innings.
First hour is crucial hour, 30-40 runs without any wicket, Pak will be fav
Chatara has taken most,s important wicket,s for Zimbabwe
Hafeez,Azhar and now adnan
now zimbabwe are favourites , except ajmal all other 3 are sure to get out easily
at what stage does misbah think, enough is enough, just try and smack everything, t20 style. Once required runs are less than 50, pressure on zim
I think it is both way; Zimbabwe improved themselves by performances whereas Pakistan downgraded for lack of regular playing."
The first 6 could only make 164 and now you need 100 from the last 4. Will be surprised and happy of course if Pakistan can win this Test from here.
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