ZTBL v PQA | Advance Telecom Ramadan T20 Cup | 15/7/13 | PakPassion Reporting Live!

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I think Nazir is batting in the middle order for sometime now. Last first-class season and now. He knows there is no place for him in the opening slot for Pakistan. He wants to get a call up as a middle order batsman.
Talat come on play match winning inning here
3 wicket with 40 around runs :)
This is the first time, I am sacrificing sleep to watch a domestic match. First because of Babar and now Talat.
7 overs gone, 47/5

Azam Hussain: 3/10 in 2 overs.

This Karachi Doplhin guy is bowling tight lines..
Analysis-Talat Hussain's dismissal:- Talat had no clue what to do. He didn't come forward neither back and was halfway. The ball gripped and turned and slipped through that gap he left while deciding to come forward or go back. Poor shot and poor footwork. Could do better.
8 gone, 57/5

Atif Ashraf & Kashif Daud still scoring...

55 needed in 6 overs.
All I can say is- Babar and Talat were dismissed by good balls though not unplayable but they played their own part in getting out as well.
Another one....Azam Hussain with his 4th wicket, Awesome this boy tonight!!!
Azam Hussain probably trying to impress Moin Khan. Moin Khan is very obsessed with Karachi and Azam is from Karachi as well.
Probably Khurram Manzoor could replace Hafeez or be a candidate if not a staright swap. Is a good bat and can bowl handy off-spinners.
another single..

38 needed in last 3 overs.

more than 12 an over, PQA heading towards their second win.
single of last ball.

26 req in 2 overs.

this over will decide the game probably..
Atif is gone and with him go the last hopes of ZTBL! Hang on they check for a no ball,he is just fine.Fair delivey!
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