SNGPL v KRL | Advance Telecom Ramadan T20 Cup | 21/7/13 | PakPassion Reporting Live!

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Abdul Q

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Jul 6, 2013
Hello & Welcome everyone to the 2nd last game of Group B between SNGPL & KRL.

It's the most important match as NBP & ZTBL are already out of the tournament, winner of today's game will proceed to semi-final.
KRL 131/5

Mohd. Yasin 36 Zain Abbas 23

Bilawal Bhatti 4/23 Khurram Shahzad 1/22
Pace of the innings looks decent so far according to the target.

End of 5th over, SNGPL 31/1
Typical Taufeeq Umar and Azhar Ali innings again. They could've utilized the powerplay. This time the target is not easy as they had against PQA. Lets see how it goes.
Dropped? Yes? No... It's taken by Naveed Yasin

Definitely Azhar Ali is staying for 3rd umpire's decision
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Azhar Ali already scored two boundaries in this over. Good one for SNGPL

End of 8th over, SNGPL 46/1
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10 overs, 57/1

50 partnership raised between Taufeeq & Azhar but they are moving slowly.

75 to win from 10 overs.
Some good work behind the stumps and Zain Abbas got the wicket of Azhar Ali.

SNGPL 58/2

Zain Abbas with another wicket, Khurram goes for 1, dual strikes for Zain.
Seems like we will have a good finish to this match. Equation can go either way
gets outside edge...4 runs.

Finally SNGPL got the over they were looking for.

14 overs, 84/3

Azhar Ali 39*

48 to win from 6 overs.
Smashed it away through covers and four runs...Azhar Ali guiding towards victory.

15 overs, 89/3

43 runs in 30 balls.
Straight the air for long time...but landed over the ropes...given 6 runs but umpires look confused over their decision.
looking for 2...chance of a run out...appeal by wicet-keeper!

reviewed but looks like he made his ground.

23 from 15 balls.
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Azhar Ali takes 2 and reaches his another 50, Well Played!!!

20 needed from 13
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p>That's a half-century for Azhar Ali! He's on 51* off 50 balls and he's led this chase well. SNGPL require 20 from 13 balls. <a href="">#RamadanT20cup</a></p>— (@PakPassion) <a href="">July 21, 2013</a></blockquote>
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p>Single off the last ball of the 18th over keeps Azhar Ali on strike. SNGPL require 19 off 12 vs KRL to advance to the <a href="">#RamadanT20cup</a> semis.</p>— (@PakPassion) <a href="">July 21, 2013</a></blockquote>
Azhar Ali hit high in the air...keeper coming underneath it...ohhh ended in a mess.

14 to win from 9 balls.
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p>Was that the match? Azhar Ali sends the ball straight in the air and it falls in between 3 fielders! 14 required off 9. <a href="">#RamadanT20cup</a></p>— (@PakPassion) <a href="">July 21, 2013</a></blockquote>
Wide by Rahat Ali, 13 from 9 balls.

he looks angry over this decision.
Fuller one by Rahat but still managed to get a single.

11 from 7 balls.

Nail-biting finish this will be..
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