3rd Test: England v South Africa at Lord's, Aug 16-20, 2012 | Day 3


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May 28, 2012
Prior gets out to Philander chasing a wide one first ball after new ball is taken. SA lead by 88 at the moment with 4 wkts still to go for Eng.
Still anybody's game here...but, South Africa hold the slight advantage with that wicket
Any lead of 50-100 plus will be difficult for South Africa as the pitch still has something in it for the bowlers but, with sunshine forecast in the next 2 days the pitch will be better for batting

England must take full advantage of the conditions to stand a chance (although slim)
Prior's dismissal was just daft. Why on earth would you dead bat for 8 overs and then drive on the first delivery of a new ball?

Bairstow showing how it's done.

Sad to see that Yorkers have gone completely out of the test matches these days :facepalm:
A rare piece of poor cricket from Prior, but 340 would be a half-decent score and is not yet out of the question.
England would need a substantial lead to put any pressure on SA, the pitch is flat , not much in it for bowlers.
A rare piece of poor cricket from Prior, but 340 would be a half-decent score and is not yet out of the question.

I won't say it was poor. Bairstow did the same thing to an even wider delivery first ball he played of the new ball. Difference being he hit it 4
SA have bowled well so far, they have cut out chances of Eng getting any lead here.
Review for Swann, decision reversed. That looked out in real time, good review.
At last, Bairstow falls to a good ball by Morkel.

Hopefully Steyn is alright.
Luck has definitely not been with SA.

Easy runs being taken by England tail. It may prove costly later
Lol Steyn's bouncer barrage against Finn is extremely entertaining. Couldn't happen to a better bloke.
Why do I feel that South Africa are going to lose this game by 6 runs? :)
6 run lead batting in much better conditions after first innings wasn't a very good performance by England. Bairstow played superbly, he should have a long run in the team now.

It's very simple from here. England need to strike 2-3 wickets early, Saffers will be looking to bat long with anything over 325 giving them a good chance of sealing the series 2-0 and becoming no.1 test rank team. :amla
S.A 6/0 (scores level)

so its a 1 inns shoot out. Anything around 270+ will turn this into a cracking test match!

game litterally is on a knife edge!
250 should be enough given the slightly shaky English batting line-up and the South African bowling attack.
Good breakthrough. Right. Come on England. It's now or never.
England should target Amla, is the big factor to turn this series back now, or SA will keep pushing it.