Advice on a cricket bat


Jun 3, 2009
Hi there,

I am looking for a new bat, preferably a Pakistani brand.

I havent played cricket for a while and had been using a MB Malik gold. It still is there and I'll use it for the pre-season, but I am looking forward to going back to Pakistan this summer to get a new one.

Having read different threads, I found that CA have been producing high quality bats. However, I've read couple of times that the 12000 TRD or 10000 are better than the 15000.

What do you guys think?

Also, any preference on brands other than CA? ( BOOM BOOM and Malik)?

BTW, I am looking for a bat offering good pick up and generous sweet spots. I am a middle order batsman (so have to face both spin and fast). Need a bat that can offer good power towards the end of the inning but also, not too heavy to be able to work around early in the inning.


Ca plus 15k picks up well, compared to its weight if your getting a bubber sher try for Ltd they are a nice piece of willow. Havnt tried Boom Boom but id say in my view ca plus 15k best bat in Pak.. Hope this helps
My vote is for CA 15K and TRD Ltd , both are amazing bats. Amazing pick up, massive edges with huge sweetspot and big considering their weight.
MB Bubber Sher is the best bang for buck option.

check the handle is not too thin though.
CA is v expensive option.

Is it worth spending that much on a bat - no one can justify it rationally! lol
CA 15000 and TRD have bad durability due to over drying
I think boom boom would be a bit expensive compared to other brands.

I would go for CA 15000 as well but could be a bit pricey.

You could also try AS bats i have one with an oval handle and is really awesome!
I would suggest to look into AS V12 bat as well. I used it in the Middle order batting last year and it performed well. The willow quality is little lower than CA plus 15K, but bat is very good in balance and feel. I got my CA plus 15000 about a month ago from the factory. Bat is very nice, but I feel, at least for me, it would be ideal for hard hitting rather than timing playing during top order. If you decide to look at AS v12, only get it from factory.